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the Lasting Supper trailer

Today I was working at the office of my friend Jeff Roach of Sociallogical and his wife Kelly Lawson. Great peoples! Kelly created this movie style trailer for me. I could hear her giggling...

interviewed by The Unconventional Pastor

interviewed by The Unconventional Pastor

Here’s an interview conducted by Bob Greaves, the The Unconventional Pastor. We had technical difficulties but it’s still a good interview. Bob has a way to get to the heart of things. Thanks Bob!...

why my new site?

why my new site?

Some people are asking why I started another site, and if nakedpastor is going to suffer for it. Here’s a 2 minute video explaining my reasoning behind it. Please take a look: So there...

The Deaf Hear

This video moves me. I just had to share it with you. I have to say: She reminds me of Sophia. COMMUNITY       BOOKS       ART       TEES

Cartoon: youtube for nakedpastor

I received an email Friday from someone who reads my blog… Andrew. He said that he and some guys got together and made this video in honor of nakedpastor. It was an out-of-body experience...

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