10 signs your god is abusive

"God Abuse" (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward)
“God Abuse” (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward)

(Please excuse the male pronoun I used for simplicity. Actually, though, it fits with the theme.)

Here are 10 signs that your god is abusive:

  1. Do you fear him?
  2. Are you always the one who apologizes?
  3. Are you afraid of making him angry?
  4. Do you have to beg for favors?
  5. Do you feel guilty for getting angry with him?
  6. Do you despair of ever getting on his good side?
  7. Do you overcompensate by being super-good all the time?
  8. Do you feel like you deserve the pain he inflicts on you?
  9. Do you never express your negative feelings so you don’t disappoint him?
  10. Are you unhappy with him but are petrified of life without him?

I have a few more questions for you:

  1. Who told you that he really isn’t abusive?
  2. Who told you that you just don’t understand him?
  3. Who told you that you provoke him?
  4. Who told you to be patient?
  5. Who told you that you’re just hyper-sensitive?
  6. Who told you it hurts him more than it hurts you?

I have some possible answers to choose from. Was it:

  1. His best friends?
  2. His family?
  3. His employees?
  4. His hired experts?
  5. His favorites?
  6. His business?
  7. His self-published autobiography?

It’s okay to ask these questions. It’s okay. Relax. Take a deep breath, and ask yourself these questions. Invite truth. Welcome what is.

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19 Replies to “10 signs your god is abusive”

  1. if a person really wants to know the true character of God I recommend reading and studying the parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32. You don’t see God angry there. You don’t see God punishing the prodigal son. All you see is Grace.

  2. ‘It’s Okay to ask these questions’

    This. And if someone is telling you otherwise, throw dust in their eyes and run. If someone had told me this 25 years ago, it would have saved me much pain and anguish.

  3. 1) The Parable of the Prodigal is incompletely comprehended until it is understood that both sons are prodigal.

    2) Saw a church sign that said, “By his wounds, our ransom is paid.” I didn’t know that God was a kidnapper.

  4. “It’s okay to ask these questions. It’s okay. Relax. Take a deep breath, and ask yourself these questions. Invite truth. Welcome what is.”
    I agree with R. Vogel – Thank you so much David, for creating safe spaces for people to become more and more comfortable with asking questions. It’s confusing, upsetting, and disconcerting to ask the hard questions – but so very important.

  5. Truth be told, Doug Sloan nailed it. The prodigal son (more like the sons who didn’t appreciate what they had) is more about the sons asking their dad something they weren’t ready for.

    And the abusive god is a god whose message is preached by those who themselves abuse.

  6. ….”Explain I Samuel 15″

    Ha, that’s easy. Political hatred posing as religion. Nothing has changed in 3000 years. Human beings will always invoke the “name and will of God” for political expediency.

  7. Doug Sloan – Another question re: the prodigal, perhaps the parable should be called the Prodigal Father. The father was the one who was “spending money or resources freely and recklessly; wastefully extravagant”.

  8. Actually James I don’t think it’s that easy! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree they say.

  9. Amen! David. You put it so very well. I can not recall how long it took me to walk down the street and not be afraid that God would hit me with a lightening bolt, car or a ball of fire. That God is a spoiled little brat, punishing and forcing others to his very command. Great post, mind if I repost it sometime? I will, of course, give you all the credit and glory! 😉

  10. NO to all of the above 10 questions! YAY!! And I agree….. if I had known that 25 years ago, I would have spared myself a LOT of grief!

  11. Right on. Can’t agree more. Ask the questions, if you dare. Most who follow this religion do not dare, because their minds and hearts have been cowed from centuries of domination. Dominion, domination, is the first teaching in the bible, and is the root cause of what we see writ large in the world: hatred, violence, oppression of women, children, and the Earth.. I have finally flown free of this judeo xhristian propaganda. Your post is so helpful. I am no longer staying silent about this. Religion does far more harm than good. Keep up the good work.

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