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7 Responses

  1. Rod says:

    Sad to is that some people really believe they have a God given calling to start ministries that shoot people. I don’t see Christ doing this to people.

    Exposing error is much different than what we see in the behaviour of people who shoot at others.

    They should devote themselves to proclaiming truth not just taking swipes at people.

    The worst part is that they aren’t just shooting at the wounded, but they are trying to build up themselves by doing so. This happens too much where people try to build themselves and their ministries up by attacking other people.

  2. societyvs says:

    LOL – good one!

  3. Heather says:

    Now that’s a fitting cartoon, given your last few days. It says it all so well.

  4. Nate Peres says:

    Very sad, but true.

  5. Lord Veritas says:

    Or should that be put them out of our misery.

    Keep it up Dave – my pool room is getting a bit full.

  6. kelly fryer says:

    This is a perfect illustration for what happened at my national denominational (ELCA) assembly this week. Unfortunately.

  7. Polly says: