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7 Responses

  1. john t. says:

    If that was my friend, I’d ask him what drugs he was smoking 😉

  2. Brianmpei says:

    or that I have more angels than you have…

  3. steve martin says:

    ” And what makes you so cock sure that it is God that is the one who is speaking to you?”

  4. fishon says:

    I am quite sure Father speaks to others more often than He speaks to me.
    It does NOT bother me in the least.
    Father has given others more gifts and talents than me.
    Father has given some guys a bigger, stronger healther body than me.
    He has also given some sharper gray matter than myself.
    Father has given some a huge ministry, while I get the small rural ministry.
    I am just pleased that Father saw fit to give me anything.
    I don’t have time to worry about what he gave and does and speaks to others.

    If he is asking me out of genuine interest, I say praise the Lord, brother.
    If he is asking as wanting to show me up, I feel sorry for him. He missed what Father was trying to tell him with all those times of speaking to him.

  5. ttm says:

    Is that Jesus with whom our friend on the left is speaking?

  6. nakedpastor says:

    yes, that’s jesus. i thought that was obvious. i see him ALL THE TIME! not so obvious to others i guess.

  7. ttm says:

    It was obvious to me, too. But sometimes ears don’t hear and eyes don’t see, so I just wanted to double check with the artist himself.

    I don’t know which is more amazing–your keen perception of “Christiandom” today or your artistic ability. In any case, I’m grateful for both…thank you for continuing to be a vessel of truth through your words, your art, and your life.