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19 Responses

  1. Kim says:

    there must be more to life than this….?

  2. Boethius says:

    I like it. It shows that with Jesus, life is more restful, you multiply, and therefore, you are never alone.

  3. faithlessinfatima says:

    This suggests two captions for me….. MAN RUNS THRU GRAVEYARD….and


  4. fishon says:

    Is that the church you pastor, David, or might it be another church you are making fun of?

  5. Laura says:

    Hey Fishon,
    How’s that “one pleasant post per week” challenge going?

  6. fishon says:

    Had a pleasant one last week. Notice you didn’t acknowledge.
    Go back to “Money, Debt and Slavery;” you won’t have to hunt hard, I was the first responder.

    But, it is still early in the week. I still have hopes that David puts up something positive, unstead of the vailed bashing. Then again, much is not so vailed.

    What seems to put the choir off here is I bash straightforward, and many people hate straightforwardness. I do admit I am a bit inarticulate and do not have the gift of clever wording. But none the less, it doesn’t take away from the fact the old NP is just as bashy as I am, he is just more artistic about it than I am.

    Well, its off to bed. Busy day tomorrow. Was going to watch the inaguration, but I am taking a concealed weapons class, so I will miss some of it.

  7. Gabriel says:

    Mark 5 does tell us that after this man was healed by Jesus, he was fully clothed but also in his right mind. I guess that means he wasn’t asleep and hopefully he never became a tame church cultured middle of the road kind of follower!

  8. Boethius says:

    Only a few in the church are sleeping. Some people work so hard that church is the only time they slow down and therefore, sleep deprivation kicks in.

    I still like it. It is better to be sleeping in church then being driven mad by the things the world has to offer. As the cartoon shows, those things lead to death.

  9. Luke says:

    I think must have been on our ‘roadie’ crew.

  10. faithlessinfatima says:

    Fishon….there’s a difference between being evocative and provocative

  11. Fatima:

    Fishon is just joking, I’m sure — it he disliked David’s stuff so much, he wouldn’t keep coming here. (Either that, or Fishon is just a colossal hypocrite with a chip on his shoulder and a lack of good sense. But I’m going to assume he’s joking.)

    Perhaps after his deliverance, the Gadarene fell among Pharisees applying the principles of Matthew 23:15. It’s been known to happen … but it would be a pity if it did.

  12. Tim says:

    Haha. Great cartoon. It sorta fits in with the book I’m reading called, “No More Christian Nice Guy.” It basically talks about how many men become Christians, lose what shreds of masculinity they had, and become passive “nice guys” rather than active, tender, and bold good guys. The cartoon on the right gives me the impression of a nice, “safe,” and amply boring American Christian life.

    Anyway, that made me laugh. Just what the doctor ordered…

  13. fishon says:

    Really, I wasn’t joking. I think David is a great artist and talent. And I enjoy his art work. However, most of his comments are cynical as attached to his art. He speaks often of tolerance, and he emphasizes community. Yet, he is a big basher of a particular part of the Christian Community.

    A “colossal hypocrite with a chip on his shoulder and a lack of good sense,” no, though others would argue the point. You see, I take issue with David, just like he takes issue with thoses he sees as hurting the cause of Christ.

    However, I am a light hearted fellow, and though I will do battle with David and his choir, I don’t hold grudges or ill will.

  14. steve martin says:

    That is exactly what ‘how to’ Christianity does to me, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. ttm says:


    Why not a “straightforward” weapons class instead of “veiled violence”? ;^)
    Just kidding…
    I’m a “lighthearted” person, too. :^) See, I’m smiling…

  16. fishon says:

    Nice smile, there.

    Can you believe it. I received a letter of complaint, already, from the Obama administration condemning my particapation in a gun class. Those boys work fast. Hope they can fix the economy that quickly. :^)

  17. ttm says:

    Wow. That is fast! A fast economic fix WOULD be great…only time will tell.

  18. zefi says:

    Am glad they found peace.