cartoon: religious eggs

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Well, another day for a lighthearted yoke. I flipped this idea in my mind for a quite a long time. It took me a while to hatch this one. I asked myself, “Shell I post this one?” I didn’t want to be a chicken, so I said, “I shell!” So… there’s more than one way to crack an egg. You might b’egg to differ. So I cooked up 9 different kinds. Maybe there should’ve been a dozen. I scrambled them up a bit. There’s no particular order. Can we find ourselves in here? Of course not. Because there’s no perfect egg. But I bet others can find you on here. Eggsactly!

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26 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    Surely I’m not there.

    But I can see plenty of *others* there who I know!


  2. John T says:

    NP, Thanks for “laying” this. Great as always!

  3. Bill Kinnon says:

    I’m no eggspert, but…

  4. Kayte says:

    Eggstremely observant. I cracked up.

  5. eggaxctly what i needed this a.m. and frightfully delicious

  6. Matt Oxley says:

    I’ve never seen so many puns in my life!

  7. kls says:

    I would be an eggsample of #1, I think.

  8. Steph says:

    Eggsistensially..I have no comment.

  9. Rev Nick says:

    Please let me know when the egg jokes are ova.

  10. Dave L. says:

    We live on a farm. Last week, it was so windy here that one of our chickens laid the same egg twice!

  11. Matt Oxley says:

    This makes for one shell of a week….

  12. Jkay says:

    A hard-boiled egg named Gloria would be closest to God. You know what they say — Gloria in eggshell sees Deo.

  13. mddeibert says:

    I’m not eggsagerating when I say it cracked me up.

  14. Ann B says:

    I think someone who suffers from a bit of eggomania drew this catoon!

  15. Ann B says:

    sorry have to do another one:
    I wonder if this is what the verse means when it says.’ Do not be unevenly yolked’!

  16. Dalton says:

    That’s an oeuf!

  17. Don Collett says:

    I think I’ll work all these jokes into a routine and record a comedy albumen.

  18. Weiers says:

    Couldn’t have eggspected anything else from such a funny y’oke.

  19. nakedpastor says:

    keep them coming. funny!!!

  20. Darren says:

    I was a little “chicken” to write something after some of these “fowl” “yokes”. I didn’t want to look “cocky” after all. However, I can “shell” them out when I need to. It’s very nice to see that “birds of a feather……..”

  21. Siestheday says:

    To deal with the bad egg in us, we are in serious need for eggsorcism.

  22. Graham says:

    Reminds me of the old joke- ‘Why did the French man only have one egg for breakfast?’

    …… ‘because one egg is un oeuf’

    (you have to say it out loud…oh forget it- I’ll get my coat….).

  23. Susan says:

    How about….You guys are poaching all my best yolks!! I’ll take my Eggs Benedict Over Easy 😀

  24. Zsolt Sandor says:

    Poached and scrambled. Or scrambled and poached?