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6 Responses

  1. Nancy says:

    muahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! 😉 Yes, I can see that now…..

  2. Im clearly getting it right then as I have not been sent on sabbatical for 13 years! no wonder I am over and out …

  3. Doug Sloan says:

    The Elders do not want God to be on Sabbatical, they want God out of the way – or at least they want God to be limited and more parochial. As long as God is here, their personal limitations, their chains of exclusion and differentiation and short-sightedness, their lack of justice and compassion is revealed and challenged. God makes their life too difficult. God’s lack of discretion in offering unconditional grace is irresponsible and makes it difficult to maintain an orderly life devoid of cultural and spiritual surprises. God’s child-like appreciation of surprises is maintained by God’s encouragement of free-will and individual freedom. God’s anti-empire stance makes it difficult to promote nationalism and allegiance to the expectations of the Elders. God needs to grow up and be a mature sober God. Instead of unrestricted love, God needs to be throwing a sporadic lightning bolt mixed in with an infrequent intervention of healing or rescue. Such capricious behavior makes it easier to promote a faith of fear and authoritarianism instead of a life of love and community.

  4. You’ve got it in one Doug.

    The rule of elders is a nonsense given Yeshua’s teaching. I think poor Paul lapsed back into his Jewish roots when he laid it on some Yeshua groups. Interesting though that he didn’t do the elder thing in Ephesus until many years had passed. I wonder why?

    Great cartton again David. I’ve forwarded it to lots of friends back in Northern Ireland, the land of elders!

  5. herbeey says:

    Why is one of the elders a huge jellyfish?

    Seriously, I initially thought you’d decided to slip in an overly radical representation of the divine.