prayer from the cell: so many

I have a very good friend who reads my blog. (Yes. That’s really true!) This week we were together with others and someone asked me why I called these “prayer from the cell“. I said it was inspired by a book I read years ago my Wurmbrand called “Tortured for Christ” that is about his imprisonment for his beliefs. So the word “cell” is double-entendre for cellphone and prison cell. My good friend exclaimed, “OHHH! I see that now! I never knew that!” I was shocked. We laughed about that.

So I thought I should maybe explain that to you.

I’ve published a new book, “Without a Vision My People Prosper”. I am excited about it and want pastors and church leaders to read it. As well as the ordinary member. I think it is important.

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8 Replies to “prayer from the cell: so many”

  1. So many people to love. Rivers, valleys, mountains, and obstacles: a piece of cake compared to all the people-to-love (in my experience: hard as hell. You know Sartre describes Hell as other people”) So you must have a genius for it–Naked Pastor. Even the desire: pure genius. Or is it just a matter of will? I think I can I think I can I think I can…

  2. OH! I didn’t know that either! I LOVE Wurmbrand!!! I’ve read most everything he wrote. Even found his out of print book on the Song Of Solomon. Great man!

  3. I took it as a triple meaning. The two you mentioned and also a cell is also a a monk’s living quarters, an austere (naked) space where the monk lives when he leaves the communal areas.

    I always imagined your prayers from the cell to be the product of your private contemplative/meditative moments.

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