a good place to begin

sometimes you just don't give a fuck

Sometimes, when you get to the place where you no longer care, that is the best place to begin!

I noticed this when pastored a church. If I cared too much, I often would try to bend things to my agenda. But when I gave up, that’s when the best things would happen.

Same with this blog. I notice that when I care too much, try to make nakedpastor into something important and useful, it becomes dry, forced and unpleasant. When I give up and just be, that’s when it resonates most with my readers. Most of them anyway.

Maybe it’s time for you to give up. Certainly on some things.

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26 Replies to “a good place to begin”

  1. I find that when I feel I’ve given up on most things, it’s a good way for me to (re)discover those things that I can’t help caring about.

    Of course, sometimes my desperation to not care trips me up, as I work too hard to not care about those things that are intricately and rightly part of me.

    It’s impossible to not care about the things you really care about. But sometimes it’s good to remember that things don’t go as I want them to, sometimes for a good reason.

    So, I care about my daughters’ well being, and want them to achieve all of their potential; but I cannot prescribe how, when or in what way this will be accomplished. I care about the former, and try (and fail) to not care about the latter.

    I’m grateful for people like you, both when you are trying to hard to care, or not care.

  2. I too am so grateful for you David, both when you are trying to hard to care, or not care.
    Love ‘n Hugs Always ‘n Forever:)

  3. Thanks!
    I needed this reminder and kick in the butt. I’ve been trying to make my blog into “something important and useful, but instead it has become dry, forced and unpleasant.”

    Time to let it be… and have fun!

  4. Thank you! 😀 I’m so learning more and more about the pure relationship with Jesus, and this part you wrote fits in so well. My husband looks a lot like you and learned me a whole lot about the love of God and not having to try so much or actually, not having to try anymore! God is so relaxed and so not complicated, I made Him (or the christian religion) complicated. Love You Dad! grtz from Holland

  5. Certainly, when we get out of the way of ourselves, God is able to actually do something. All about control, isn’t it? We have control issues.

  6. JD Salinger said he wrote for himself. He wrote so that he could read his own stuff and enjoy it. I forget who it was that said when he wanted to read a good book he would just write one. Maybe that is the secret. And, as you found out, this is what makes preaching so much of a challenge. Once one is audience driven, it becomes madness.

  7. I had such anxiety about sharing my loss of faith. But once I broke the silence, I instantly found I was not alone. It is a big relief admitting that you have none of the answers.

  8. David; I feel much the same as u do about our relationship with God but I am unsure as to Jesus using such fowl language in communicating to the people of His culture! I don’t believe it is necessary.

  9. Great prose on this post. Great reminder.
    Sometimes depression and lack of desire are the mind’s way of shutting us down from unproductive methods. It can be a unique chance to discover (or re-discover) that which resonates best between us and that in which we thrive.

  10. I wonder what Aramaic for “fuck” is? Maybe Jesus last words on the cross were misquoted. And maybe his language when throwing merchants out of the temple was altered by the more civil Greek Christians to protect their more cultured ears.

    Brings to mind David’s drawing of the rule books.

  11. It is always funny to me when Christians are offended by swearing. How are using certain words “sins” when the words didn’t exist a few hundred years ago? It is a cultural thing. Artists use “harsh” language to shock the audience into thinking about it. If the cartoon above said, “I feel like I no longer give a darn.” It wouldn’t have the same power, and it also would show that he does “give a darn”. People that don’t give a fuck, don’t give a fuck about saying (or typing) “fuck”.

  12. I have read that the insult “brood of vipers” would be much more in line with our use of the term son of a bitch if we understood the cultural implications.

    Here’s the thing William. Personal expressions of disgust, hopelessness, or any other expression of emotion, are not in anyway sinful in and of themselves. I think the whole distaste of certain words is kind of silly. Some of the most religious people I know would never dream of saying damn in disappointment…but think absolutely nothing of saying darn. I find this to be funny as hell.

    Speech is harmful if it slanders, unjustly attacks, deliberately deceives for personal gain, etc. But the use of some of these more colorful terms is absolutely appropriate when one wants to convey a certain depth of emotion or raw feeling.

    David’s cartoon just would not be as powerful if it said God I feel like I no longer give a darn.

  13. It does seem comments strings lately have been particularly unpleasant and mean-spirited. That’s not your fault … I just find it interesting in light of what you’re communicating here.

  14. I won’t shy away from saying I believe mean is about perceptions. What I feel is this is Davids space and it is obvious when one enters if they come to share honesty or run an agenda of their own. What this man said would never be said in a face to face conversation with a group of people and so maybe personal choice of words should be kept personal?

  15. Wait, wait. Remember David’s manger cartoon with the “shit” labeled which resulted in version two which contained some euphamism for “shit” to please the sensitive crowd? If anyone wants to purchase a more genteel copy of this cartoon for their living room or Sunday school room, David may accomodate you.

  16. Interesting timing given that, just this morning, I posted something that talks about what it means to embrace or identity in Christ and no longer care about how the broader world around us responds.

    Thanks for your continued sharing … not that you give a fuck what I think. 😉

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