Sophia Saturday: all artwork 50% OFF!

Sophia in a hammock

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, I am giving away 50% OFF coupons to all the artwork in my gallery, including my Sophia originals and prints, cartoon originals and prints, and other art. Everything! All you have to do is type “VALENTINE” in the coupon code box! Click here!

“Sophia Suspended”:

Oh my Sophia. My Beautiful. My Soul. My Wisdom.

Now I am suspended, like Sophia, between death and life. Something is at rest. But rest serves two purposes: it helps you recover from the previous day; it prepares you for the next.

What is next? I know death is behind me. I know I have left all that brought me down into the grave. But I am not yet fully alive. However, I have this strong intuition, this overwhelming sense, that there is life before me… just waiting.

I am like Lazarus, no longer dead but not yet alive, still bearing the residue of the smell of death, still wrapped in the grave-clothes that would hold me.

Please issue the command: “Unwrap him!” Please shout: “Arise!” Please pronounce the blessing: “Awaken, little girl!

Click here to visit my gallery. Don’t forget the coupon code “VALENTINE“.

Thank you.


5 Replies to “Sophia Saturday: all artwork 50% OFF!”

  1. Tears flowing…My heart, my soul, my understanding, my strenth, my spirit, is saying YES! YES! YES!
    Love and Hugs to one and ALL: ) 

  2. Last night, I invited a small group to use your image for a gazing prayer. We were doing a lectio divina with 1 Corinthians 1: 18-25 and this beautiful portrait of Sophia / Wisdom resonated within. I shared your website with them and hope that you will get some new followers. Your work touches me. Thank you David!

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