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  1. Two very ironic inversions of meaning coincide here I reckon:

    God does in fact treat us as subjects – that is as those having their own agency – but many preach a gospel in which we have been reduced to objects forced to live life in according to some divinely mapped-out and pre-ordained ‘plan’, or to be the at the mercy of divine manipulation.

    And here this meaning of subject is grotesquely transposed to mean object. 🙁

  2. At first, I thought the Satan figure was Ba’al, because of the oversized horns and the hooves on all four limbs.

    It certainly gives an interesting reading to this drawing to read Ba’al instead of Satan. The pastor, then, isn’t [unwittingly?] led astray by the devil, so much as he’s purposefully following an idol.

  3. When you go to a church that sees people BOTH as sinners , and saints…then you see them as people.

    There’s far too many holiness churches where pastors have people on a religious, never ending rat wheel.

    Relax in Christ. Be free…in Him. Know you aren’t up to it…but that He is up to it.

    That is what I would say to pastors/preachers who view their congregation as subjects.

  4. Then Steve, I say to you: “Relax in Christ. Be free…in Him.” You’ve got more of a rat wheel going than anyone else here. I look forward to you treating me like a person and not an abstract concept.

  5. Christine,

    What rat-wheel am I on? None that I know of. I don’t have to do anything to know that Christ is for me.

    In contrast to so many churches that are always trying to get you to examine yourselves to see if you really have faith, or not.

  6. Yes, none that you know of.

    Think about the rat wheel you try to put all of us on – the one of having (your idea of a) correct theology. You indeed seem to want us to try very hard to think the right way about our faith – ironically that we need not try very hard. If we do not need to try, then why do you work so hard to make us understand this. Your rat wheel is to try to get on on one.

    I think the problem is that, unless it is in a way you can understand, you can’t accept that anyone else is truly free but you.

  7. it is for freedom that christ set us free! free to be us! i wish pastors would stop looking at us as statistics and numbers and subjects and objects. but as people. human beings. homo sapiens!

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