4 Replies to “prayer from the cell: loving the rest”

  1. I like a lot of your art and ideas. But this one seems like complete bull to me. Off loving the rest of the human race? Really? Sounds nice, but any love I see is humans loving humans.

  2. God does love all of humanity. He died for the WHOLE WORLD. He forgives the WHOLE WORLD.

    But we neither thank Him or worship Him.

    Instead we worship the creation, rather than the Creator.

    He even loved and forgave his (Jesus’) murderers.

    Would we do that? The whole God story in Jesus is so out there, that we would never have cooked it up on our own.

  3. Another one I really like David. I heard so much of that teaching most of my life. How wonderful WE get to go to Heaven. Just so sad most of mankind will spend an eternity being roasted in hell for being born into the wrong faith, no matter how genuine or sincere they are. But Oh Well…at least we won’t.

    The God I was raised to believe in was a monster of the worst kind.

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