5 Replies to “shadow”

  1. Jesus said as much to Peter when Peter said that He shouldn’t go to be crucified.

    When we work against the cross of Christ (and many preachers do), then we are the voice of the devil (the deceiver).

  2. One of the very harmful notions I find in all religions is the idea that bad things are caused by nasty demons, evil Satan, angry spirits and the like. Each religion does this and most believers have no idea how unoriginal and universal their primitive, dangerous thinking is.

    Typifying the voice of those we disagree with as demonic or Satanic is a hateful, unproductive, destructive reflex that we should remind each other to avoid. We do it because we know it is sadly an effective, highly manipulative persuasion technique — but it is a technique we need to leave behind.

    This cartoon, however, does make it clear that the notion is just ridiculous, right?

  3. One of the greatest deceptions that the devil has pulled off is to get people to think that he doesn’t exist.

    No good. No evil. It’s just us.


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