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  1. Brilliant – I can’t think of a better word for it. I’m struggling so much with the concept and nature of church, this helps so thank you 🙂

  2. I like this cartoon a lot. To extend it, even the Earth is a narrow view. The Earth is part of a solar system which is in an outer spiral arm of our milky-way galaxy. There are perhaps a billion stars within our galaxy. Our galaxy is part of a local cluster of other galaxies. We can see many other clusters and bands of galaxies. There is no part of space where a very powerful telescope will not detect additional very distant galaxies. It is estimated that there are about a billion other galaxies visible out there. Our theories also suggest there is other matter and energy out there that we can’t detect. Other theories say there may be multiple universes. The world is big. Very big. Much bigger than the thought processes and theologies contained in one single building or even on one particular planet. If there is a being (or personality) that looks at creation, that being would probably look at all of it.

  3. As a former school teacher use to say : “be brief, concise and to the point ” .

    Your graphics and words employ that .

    Completely understandable without a 60 minute sermon.

  4. The Holy Spirit gathers us. Where do people gather, usually? Where do you gather with your family when you eat together?

    Sometimes, outdoors. But more often people gather in buildings. That’s what people do.

  5. That is so true David…church is yet another of many divisions and a way for many to close themselves off from the rest of the world, especially parts that do not share their beliefs. Things are changing and someday may we all see that we are part of one large family.

  6. True, Steve, but I think the key is in David’s last sentence: “But when their walls confine and define us, then something’s gone wrong.”

  7. The buildings David’s talking about are not just , brick and mortar or wood an drywall but are also built out of doctrine and dogma. Here’s how you can tell if someone attends one of those buildings . They always feel the need to spout off about how their building does it right and believes what’s right. Especially on blogs.

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