it’s me i’m changing

i'm changing cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

You can get a really nice reproduction of this drawing in my store.

Everything around us resists our transformation. Sure, we are encouraged to conform and adapt and tweak in order to keep up with the expectations and opinions of others. But true transformation? No. This stretches everybody, including ourselves.

In our online community The Lasting Supper we provide a safe space for people to change out loud with support and even friendship. It is helping so many people, including me, and I’m thankful. Come join us. Check it out.


One Reply to “it’s me i’m changing”

  1. After
    realizing that the full fee was not expected all at once, I am ready to
    join The Lasting Supper. While I wait physically for Paypal to accept
    me, I have spent time reading about z theory, watching a bunch of your
    videos and am ready emotionally to make the jump. I look forward to the
    new experience. I’ve been looking for somewhere and I think this is it.

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