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24 Responses

  1. Pat68 says:

    I guess that’s the pyramid based on someone’s view of roles. Mine would have single women somewhere near the top.

  2. Gun Nordström says:

    I am the dick who blows the pyramid away by first finding me (a long time ago) in one of the floors, then finding me in all realizing that there really is no divisibility at all – and I am not dick about it, as it’s how it is.

  3. wanderer says:

    what a depressing hierarchy. If that’s really what the majority of people think then I’m glad I live in my own little fantasy world.

  4. Caryn LeMur says:

    I lived as a man for years… and now as a woman.

    lol…. there are such strange hierarchies among women, because the hierarchies are hidden in networks of worries, concerns, fears, and confidences. Because the networks are so fluid, a young single beautiful woman that is filled with smiles can be simultaneously at multiple levels – the concerned woman avoids her, the worried woman may choose to stay near her for sharing the ‘glory’, the fearful woman may gossip about her (unproven) promiscuity, and the confident woman will welcome her into her world with encouragement and cheerfulness.

    And, my compliments that you, David, can even catch this odd white-male-privileged view. I heard of it when I was a man, but I had incredible difficulty perceiving it. However, as a man, I (without thinking about it) drove the car (not my wife), mowed the lawn, felt deeply insulted when Bonnie took over the garage, joined the military (and automatically expected my wife to follow me all over the world), and controlled the paycheck and budget. I felt that Bonnie was not doing ‘her job’ if the house was dirty or the dishes undone.

    And at work, I was a senior computer scientist. I shared ideas in committees, and pushed for my idea alone and strong. As a woman, I have to guess whom in the committee is a male that will sponsor my idea… meet with them privately… work the human politics. And, by the way, it helps that I still look good for my age…. lol.

    I recommend Tannen’s book, “You Just Don’t Understand”. A bit difficult to read, but she shows the difference in gender world-view and in gender-communication. Very interesting.

    David, you are perceptive, as always.

    Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn

  5. Gun Nordström says:

    And it was an interesting journey as a detective within one´s own mind.

  6. Meghan Ableson says:

    This is bang on

  7. Cecilia Davidson says:

    You sound like a men’s rights activist (or a troll) because you clearly do not at all see that there is divisibility.

  8. Al Cruise says:

    Do you think standing on the point should be men of several different Fundamentalist faiths?

  9. Cecilia Davidson says:

    You really love these masturbatory comments, don’t you?

  10. Gun Nordström says:

    David used the word dick one day on this blog. As my language is Swedish I didn´t know what the word dick meant, so I took my English dictionary that said 1) “to be up to dick” is the same as to be doughty and 2) dick means also a detective
    Therefore I`m really a questionmark as to your comment

  11. Cecilia Davidson says:

    No. Even with the language barrier aside, “dick” means someone who is being extremely abrasive. Right now, you read like someone who thinks that sexism is over because it’s the 21st century – and you’re absolutely fucking wrong.

  12. Gun Nordström says:

    Please read my text once more now when you got to know what the word dick meant to me (according to a poor help from an old dictionary). A long time ago I lived in many illusions, putting myself and others into different groups by comparing me with others (as to religion, politics, race, country, abilities etc.). My mind was creating this divisibility, until I found there was no wrong or right, better or worse etc. In comparison there is no love (for myself or for other people). I was looking at people through the images of past memories but I found out that it was possible to look at people without all the remembrances that words contain. This means that – when I am willing to observe without any conclusion or prejudice – in such an observation in the now (with freedom from the content of words) there is no contradiction.

  13. Cecilia Davidson says:

    I have and it looks like you’d rather completely ignore the divisibility that exists. If you deny that sexism still exists, you’re a sexist.
    On top of that, your word salad posts make no sense. If you’re going to troll, stop

  14. Gun Nordström says:

    The freedom from any divisibility (in this case from any -isms) comes within us personally when we are investigating how our minds create them and we thus know that we can stop creating them and are willing to. This understanding in my mind doesn`t ofcourse stop similar activity in other people`s minds until they also become interested in being responsible for what they personally are creating through their minds in their personal worlds. However, an awakening in one person will affect others as we on a deeper level are of one and the same energy.

  15. Mark says:

    Gun, I think you’re using an outdated dictionary. 50 years ago, a dick was a detective. It is also a penis, and, as Cecilia stated, someone extremely abrasive. If you are being a detective, I would choose a term other than dick.

  16. Gun Nordström says:

    Thank you Mark for your help! It gave me a big laugh and I decided: the first thing I will do is to buy me a new English dictionary. This one is really from 1974 so I have bought it when I was 39 years old.

  17. Mark says:

    Well, your reply comment gave ME a big laugh, and I can never get too many of those. I must applaud you overall on your command of English. My (Swedish? Norwegian? Dutch?) is totally nonexistent. When I was a kid, my dad took a temporary assignment in Germany, and I wanted to be able to speak German. I insulted the first person I tried my German out on. I guess he thought I was a dick.

  18. Mark says:

    I think he’s being sincere, and I think he is doing a decent job with a non-native language. And I think you’re close to being a dick to him. Think about conveying deep convictions/beliefs in a second language that you’re maybe only 95% proficient in. I have enough trouble conveying my thoughts in the language I’ve been using for over 60 years. Perhaps you should cut him some slack.

  19. Mark says:

    So the more I look at this, this looks like a Southern Baptist (or other fundamentalist) pyramid, maybe, but there are certainly other versions. And I’ve even found a quibble with this one as a “church” pyramid. At the top is, I suggest, only white, heterosexual males. Males of different races and gay men are further down the pyramid in the minds of most white males. And, I might as well be honest, as much as I fight against my upbringing, I have to admit that my pyramid has non-white males and non-straight males not quite at the top. I hope that my efforts to correct that deficiency in my worldview will eventually bear fruit.

  20. Mark says:

    Al, standing right at the top of the point should be “Me” (whomever “Me” is), especially if I’m a fundamentalist, because of course, my fundamentalism is more godly than anyone else’s fundamentalism.

  21. Cecilia Davidson says:

    He made another post about the Federal Reserve in the Torture thread. Something entirely unrelated.

  22. Mark says:

    Well, yeah, I have to admit, that was an odd segue from the church torturing people to the Federal Reserve manipulating interest rates (personally, I’ll take the 4% loan I got on my house and not complain, but…).

  23. Brian Bowman says:

    That’s how farming screws up humans.

    Male violence toward women originated with agriculture, which transmuted women into beasts of burden and breeders of children. Before farming, the egalitarianism of foraging life “applied as fully to women as to men,” judged Eleanor Leacock, owing to the autonomy of tasks and the fact that decisions were made by those who carried them out.
    ~John Zerzan | Agriculture: Demon Engine of Civilization