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9 Responses

  1. R Vogel says:

    David! Why am I finding so difficult finding you on Patheos these days? You used to be in the Blog column on the Prog Christian page but no more!

  2. nakedpastor says:

    Hm. Not sure. But I’m planning on leaving Patheos soon and going independent again with my own website.

  3. Gun Nordström says:

    Yes, we allow ourselves to get experiences of this category so that we in due time will be waking up also from the slumber of our consciousness, that is slumbering on a deeper level than a bored (body=) mind. With the consciousness awake no one will be allowing himself to be bored but takes the right action (=responsibility) so it can´t happen.

  4. R Vogel says:

    Good to know – please let us know where to find you before you go!

  5. nakedpastor says:

    it’ll just be

  6. Looking forward to it – Patheos ads have a nasty habit of launching the iOS App Store as the page loads – without any taps on the ad itself. This kind of hijacking drives me nuts.

  7. “Killing me repetitively with her chorus” would be a great follow-up!

  8. Cecilia Davidson says:

    I have read Patheos posts and atheist-written books on religion during the particularly boring and unengaging sermons