9 Replies to “killing me softly with his sermon”

  1. David! Why am I finding so difficult finding you on Patheos these days? You used to be in the Blog column on the Prog Christian page but no more!

  2. Yes, we allow ourselves to get experiences of this category so that we in due time will be waking up also from the slumber of our consciousness, that is slumbering on a deeper level than a bored (body=) mind. With the consciousness awake no one will be allowing himself to be bored but takes the right action (=responsibility) so it can´t happen.

  3. Looking forward to it – Patheos ads have a nasty habit of launching the iOS App Store as the page loads – without any taps on the ad itself. This kind of hijacking drives me nuts.

  4. I have read Patheos posts and atheist-written books on religion during the particularly boring and unengaging sermons

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