Mark Driscoll sells out for New York Times?

mark driscoll best seller list cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

“Driscoll Sells Out?” (by nakedpastor David Hayward

It has been suggested that Driscoll put up a lot of money to ensure that his book on marriage would make it to the New York Times best-seller list. Read more!

I know the publishing industry, especially for the Christian market, is brutal. Here is another indicator.

Apparently, with the right connections and money, selling out is easy to do!

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11 Responses

  1. Cecilia Davidson says:

    Interesting that so many come to harp on W.C. Smith for their wanting to bring to light the many dirty tactics so many pastor-celebrities use, yet don’t want to accept that it HAPPENS.

  2. Tim says:

    Great cartoon David. I tried to get the same message across through a short parable, but your cartoon is even more to the point!


  3. Eric Bosell says:

    And Driscoll shouldn’t pay to promote his book because…..

  4. Erin, that isn’t promotion. That is the manipulation of the market to achieve a false sense of success. It isn’t illegal, but it is fairly unethical.

  5. Actually, this is not new nor surprising. I’ve heard of cases (multiple!) where people got second mortgages on their homes and bought enough books to get onto the New York Times bestseller list. Getting on the list is a) bragging rights and b) how to get noticed. It is simply manipulating the system. Sometimes the publisher will do this. For example, did that celebrity really SELL 1 million books, or did the publisher SHIP 1 million books? Either way, they are a NYT bestseller now.

  6. Eric Bosell says:

    Unethical? To whom? I’m sure the New York Times knows perfectly well people try to “rig the system” in order to get on the list. It’s their list, and their call on who they put on it. I’d argue that the list itself is a NYT marketing scheme. Now, if Driscoll used money donated for other purposes to pay for that marketing campaign, then I’d be troubled.

  7. Eric Bosell says:

    Believe me, I am no fan of Driscoll’s teachings! But his marketing techniques are the least of our worries. How might the Christian community speak truthfully (i.e., prophetically) to Driscoll’s growing influence on what people think following Christ means? That’s our job: speaking truth to power.

  8. buzz says:

    Jacqueline Susann’s press-agent husband Irving Mansfield famously cracked the secret list of NY bookstores that the NYTimes polled & had his secretary buy multiple copies of Valley Of The Dolls to get the book on the best seller list.

  9. Ryan says:

    Since when is marketing a business wrong? lol

  10. Sabio Lantz says:

    I was amazed to hear that Rick Warren — also know for his marketing scams — has a “The Daniel Plan” book which capitalizes on the fadish high-protein, low carb diet but adds GOD to it.
    The eating style is great, but the cheap moving of making it his and God’s plan is nauseating.
    Sanctimonious bullshit is one of the worst aspects of religion and they live off it, because people are suckers.