Look at what these men are doing with this woman!

"Woman Puppet" (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward)

“Woman Puppet” (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward)


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You’ve no doubt heard of the Hobby Lobby dispute.

I appreciate Jutice Ginsburg’s dissent.

This is not only about religion and sincerity of beliefs, but women.

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7 Responses

  1. Andy says:

    You forgot the strings that go from the woman to her unborn child.


  2. David says:

    haha yep!

  3. KatR says:

    Oh Andy, I really wouldn’t worry about it. You are well on your way to holding those strings as well. Then you can force women into the role you think is proper for them, unwilling breeders for God and Country.

  4. kris799 says:

    Again, men get to decide what is good for women. We better get it together.

  5. Gary says:

    I don’t find this issue to be nearly so simple. Obama Care seeks to force a private company to FULLY PAY FOR certain medications they are morally opposed to. In fact Hobby Lobby supports birth control and 16 different types are in their plan. This is not really about freedom of choice. Obama Care is a travesty because it goes well beyond the law and seeks the enforcement of wasteful and overhanded government chosen solutions. No one is denying the women who work there the right to choose another employer or to choose to pay for the prescriptions they want. (No one paid for our birth control of ANY kind when we were using it)

    I am a huge women’s rights supporter and am no particular fan of Hobby Lobby. But the whole religion twist I believe is merely a distraction. We have a run away government infusing themselves into our live more and more every day at the cost of personal freedom. And whether I agree with one’s choices or not…I still support personal freedom. (Assuming they are not directly harming anyone by their choices.) And the absence of my employer being forced to fully pay for a particular benefit which they feel strongly opposed to (whether I think they are right or not) is not causing direct harm. These types of government mandates are not only wasteful, they are a complete denial of the principles of freedom this country was founded on.

  6. Jeff P says:

    My view is that medical benefits are part of the compensation package just like regular pay. It isn’t the employer paying for it. It is the employee as part of their compensation package that pays for it. Health insurance in the US is just signed-up for and the policies administered through the employer. I think a good analogy would be like the employer holding back some small percentage of the person’s pay because they don’t like how that person plans on spending their money. Perhaps to make everybody happy, we need insurance to be signed up for and the policies administered independent of the employer. Then the employer won’t feel like their hands are dirty if they have any part of the signing-up for or administering health insurance policies with benefits they don’t like. The company owners can sign up for policy A with benefits in line with their own deeply held religious values and the employees can sign up for policies independent of the employer that may better suit their needs. The question is how do we get there….

  7. Keetcha says:

    I have felt this way so often throughout my lifetime whether it was at home, school, church, work and most painfully in personal relationships with men. Not always of course and not from everyone but too often and from those who had the most power. This drawing depicts very accurately how this feels and it is scarily accurate.