Unbelievable! Ken Ham and the salvation of aliens

ken ham's alien cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

“Ken Ham’s Alien” (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward)

Some things are just too good to pass up.

Like this story about Ken Ham’s claim that aliens cannot be saved, since Jesus was Godman, not a Godklingon or Godmartian. Makes sense to me.

I wonder if the alien would say, “You must be born from above. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay above! Like, a whole galaxy above!”

So this picture of an alien popping out of Ham’s chest popped into my mind and popped out of my pens and popped onto my blog and now popped before your eyes!

Although I might agree with Ham that an alien such as this one would belong in Hell. But what about E.T.? Surely not!

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7 Responses

  1. Jarred H says:

    What I find interesting is that people like Ham are narcissistic on a species level. We humans screwed up the entire universe that God spent time creating, and yet God only chooses to “save” the one species that screwed everything up in the first place. The rest of His precious creatures can go to Hell or blink away into non-existence (not sure which Ham is actually suggesting) because of humans.

  2. Ian says:

    Did you catch the note at the end of Ken’s original article? It said, “This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.” I guess he doesn’t even write his own guff these days.

  3. Cecilia Davidson says:

    Anyone who says E.T. should go to hell clearly just doesn’t like Spielberg >_>

    Seriously, Ham needs to go the way of the dodo

  4. Gary says:

    Ham is not just severely delusional, he is a willful fraud. His science education and experience include a simple B.S. and teaching high school level science. His level of WILLFUL ignorance could not be any more profound. What is so deeply disturbing to me is the desire to embrace such a fraud and schuckster by so many Christians. Personal integrity (Ham OR his followers) means nothing. Only the hysterical dogma matters.

    Ken Ham is a disgustingly vile buffoon who represents so clearly some of the dangers of organized religion.

  5. Ross Canning says:

    Did Jesus not come to save the “world”, not just HAM(STERS)?

  6. Jeff P says:

    The Ham version of John 3:16

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever ( (limited to one hairless ape species on one particular planet in one particular solar system in one particular galaxy) believeth in him (in the Right TM way) should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  7. caleb miller says:

    ken ham, proof that hammers have more sense than humans.