10 reasons why law is easier than love

"Law vs. Love" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“Law vs. Love” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Here are 10 reasons why law is easier than love:

  1. love means you have to trust the good in people
  2. love means you can’t predict outcomes
  3. love means you can’t control people
  4. love means you can’t inflict your anger on others
  5. love means you can’t reject people who aren’t like you
  6. love means you can’t predetermine the character of a community
  7. love means you can’t decide who’s in and who’s out
  8. love means you accept people as they are and will be
  9. love means you don’t think you are or know better
  10. love means you… what’s your #10?

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47 Responses

  1. #10 – Love means putting aside everything you were taught about other, *different* people and showing them genuine compassion rather than pity.

  2. Ange says:

    10. Love means extending grace, even when bitterness comes easier.

  3. Kaewn says:

    Love means actually listening to what others have to say, not telling them your truth.

  4. 10. Love means trying to see others as the Father sees them.

  5. Dana says:

    Love means allowing others to make choices that are different from yours.

  6. Lutek says:

    Love means that giving or sharing is a pleasure, not a duty or a sacrifice.

  7. Found a good one –
    Love means actually respecting someone’s existence rather than saying they’re deviant.

  8. Beau Quilter says:

    Hi David

    I love the cartoon and the follow-up sentiment – but I gotta ask?

    In your depiction, why is Jesus surrounded by men with either male-pattern baldness or friar haircuts?

  9. Well Beau, they all aren’t. Some have hair. Cartoon hair. And there are a few women there as well 😉

  10. Mike says:

    Well Jesus Himself said “If you love me, you will keep my word…”. So love = obeying all that Jesus taught us. Love & obedience go together.

  11. Mike says:

    Love means dying to self & others daily. “If anyone wishes to follow me, he must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.”

    Love means doing the will of God, and not our own… And that includes keeping his Word.

  12. Lutek says:

    Why is law easier than love?

    As I see it: Law comes from thought and reason, which arise from the brain, which is part of the physical self, and so primarily self-interested. Law is a logical way of resolving the conflicts of individual self-interests.

    Love comes from the heart – not the physical heart, but the heart of our being, which is spiritual. Love is about common interest, not self-interest. It engenders compassion, which comes from spiritual identity, inclusion and unity.

    Our collective worldview is currently focused on the physical and denies the spiritual, so law is easier than love.

  13. John Powell says:

    #10 Trying to see through another eyes.

  14. Mike, I’m not quite sure that’s the point David’s trying to convey. What you’re suggesting sounds an awful lot like the Law.

  15. Law with a little Jesus sprinkled on top.

  16. Mike says:

    I just quoted Jesus straight out of the bible. Besides, concerning love and following God’s law, it isn’t a “either or”. We follow His law out of love for the Most Holy Trinity. We choose His will instead of our own.

  17. Maybe, but you’re looking more focused on the Law than being a human.

  18. Melita says:

    We must always remember that everything Jesus said BEFORE he went to the cross was to the Jews and under the Law. And the only Law that was relevant to the Jews was the Ten commandments. He first had to point out to them what the Law was for, I.e. to expose and exacerbate sin.
    AFTER the cross all he spoke was friendship, forgiveness and LOVE. Love is the fulfilment of the Law. One does not need to know all the 600+ extra laws of the Torah in order to obey them. Love will do them anyway. In fact, a person who is so focused on obeying the law will forget to love, because the law is blind, rigid and heartless. And IMPOSSIBLE to keep without love.
    Jesus commanded us to rest… relax… chill the fuck out! Cause Love RULES! And because he took care of it all for us. We are accepted in the beloved. Amen!

  19. Melita says:

    Lol… So Love means you can relax, let go of the need to follow all the rules and just be.
    Love means you are free to love yourself first and in doing so know how to properly love others.

  20. Mike says:

    Love means the cross. That is how God loves. Without sacrifice there is no love. God is Father and we are His children. Good children seek to obey their fathers. The Commandments are not a burden for those who really love God.

  21. sharonleepeters says:

    love is not picking up my kitty when she does NOT want to be held.

  22. KC says:

    Love is… ..difficult to learn, but well worth the effort to understand.

  23. Lutek says:

    Love means paying it forward, with interest.
    Before you can know and give love, you need to get some from someone else. So if you meet someone who doesn’t give love, that’s who needs your love the most!

  24. Love means not having to accept the cross but responsibility for oneself

  25. Mike says:

    We must accept the cross. To run from the cross is to run from Love. To run from the cross is to run from Christ. There is no getting out of it. Jesus makes it clear that to be His disciple we must accept the cross.

  26. Mike, you aren’t truly here to let us voice, but to try and put us back into YOUR religious box. We simply don’t fit.

    Love is realizing that people are far more than their religious views.

  27. Mike says:

    Cecilia, if it were just my views I’d say ok, fair enough. It seems to be the views of Jesus Christ concerning the cross that you have issues with. The cross is a “stumbling block” as St Paul says. May God give you the grace to accept the crosses He sends you. God bless.

  28. Mike says:

    It seems some who comment here want a Christ without the cross. Not me. Christ without the cross doesn’t save anyone. I need a redeemer, and He redeems through His cross. Sorry, they are inseparable. God bless!

  29. I’ll have my Christ OFF the cross and walking among the people, dining and laughing and crying, rather than feel perpetually nailed and unable to extend a hand.
    Jesus wasn’t a legalist and he had some words for those who were.
    If you feel you must CORRECT those who are trying to make themselves whole rather than your definition, then you are acting as an instigator. This is not the place to try and start a war that only you perceive.

  30. You DON’T need to die in order to save someone’s sanity and self-worth

  31. So, Mike, maybe it’s time you relax.

  32. Lutek says:

    The problem with modern Christianity is that it values Jesus over God, scripture over Jesus, Paul over scripture, and later theologians over Paul. That seems to me to be exactly the inverse of the way it should be.

    You don’t need a redeemer to take the rap for you and save you from your sins, Mike. You just need to see and sincerely regret them, then you’re redeemed from them and forgiven. But whatever you’ve done wrong, you still have to suffer your own consequences; so go, and sin no more.
    Cecilia is right. It’s time to let Jesus down from the cross.

  33. alan says:

    Maybe what Mike is trying to convey is: Jesus isn’t saying – nor ever said – “Hey just do whatever you want and do whatever you feel is right.” Jesus and Holy Spirit-inspired authors (such as James) after him talked about walking in holiness (“set apart”) and purity. That’s not about legalistically staying in a box or fence. That’s staying inside the guard rail and not jumping into the oncoming lane of traffic.

    Love for God drives us to want to do his will and keep his Word. “Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me.” -God-Incarnate. Love for others means while others do stuff that are harmful to them, are living in a way contrary to Scripture, or are living with the consequences of their choices, we don’t demean them. We should be open to help those who want help and do it with love and not resentment. But that doesn’t mean supporting and enabling those who want to live however they feel is right. If my brother wants to snort coke all day, I’m not going to say “Hey it’s okay. I support who you want to be.”

    Do you see the difference?
    Love is never without boundaries. Even for those who profess an all-inclusive, warm, fuzzy love.

  34. Mike says:

    Exactly Alan. Very well said!

  35. Still sounds rather legalist and more like you’re wanting to keep Jesus on the crucifix.

  36. Also, that’s funny, because Jesus wasn’t saying “Keep God’s commands” but “If you consider yourselves my disciples, keep my commands.” He differentiates his words and offers new interpretations of the old law. Interpretations that are far more welcome and universal than the original tribal God who was all about just the nation of Israel. If you consider the Syrian woman that begged Jesus for her daughter to be healed, you should bear in mind that the woman was technically a wealthy Greek. She was well-enough off to get the best doctors, but she sought out a Jewish carpenter and rabbi to heal her kid.


    Jesus was outright allowing to be destroyed this notion that the Law was the end-all be-all of existence. He also knew it was dated and that the letter was being observed more than the intent.

    Here, you are suggesting that we think “love” is this allowance of all things. Last I checked, that’s called neglect. Love is actively caring for someone and making sure they don’t harm themselves (and when we are unable to directly help, do what we can to help) and, if need be, allow them to see the consequences of poor choice and action.

    You are also suggesting, Mike and Alan, that things that aren’t wrong with people lead to the person being broken. I’m sorry, but if you’re going to insist that “whole” or “wholesome” must be based on your definitions of what is right (cisgender, heterosexual, your flavor of Christian), then you’re part of the reason why the focus on Law is a problem. This insistence on “purity” is what exudes from your words. Outward purity. Cleaning the outside of the cups for yourselves while insisting on others to thoroughly scrub the inside and match what YOU believe is reflecting inside of you, when in truth it’s more scuffed up and rotting than you want.

    David spoke of broken thinking which insists that others are broken. I accept my being broken, because it reminds me that I’m not just the FRACTURES that you insist I focus on.

    As I very much told Bruce in another blog post, if you’re going to insist that I am somehow inferior, then kindly fuck off.

  37. A clarification – when I say a poor choice and poor action, I do not mean things like identifying as gay or transgender or being black or white or Asian or from the islands or aboriginal. I mean doing drugs because others are doing it. People who steal for fun. People who feel murder solves their problems or fixes their childhoods. Circumstances are not poor choices for those who have to put up with circumstances.

    If you seek to twist my words to further your own message, then you can VERY MUCH go to the hell that you proclaim is real.

  38. Lastly, as someone pointed out in TLS, I’d like to ask why you, Mike, are so obsessed with the crucifix. It sounds as if you have some kind of fetish for people feeling pain, rather than an empathy or a desire to teach that pain is part of life.

  39. Mike says:

    Love means not telling people to go to hell and f##k off. Wow, not very charitable. We are unlikely to see eye to eye on this, Cecilia. I wish you God’s blessings and that you come to a greater understanding of Jesus, the Son of the Eternal Father.

  40. Mike says:

    One question for anyone. If you truly love God, why would you NOT want to keep His Commandments? I don’t get it.

  41. Figured you’d go that far, Mike. I’m sorry, but as you feel that love has its limits, so, too, my own patience. Your goal is to try and make me take on YOUR understanding of Jesus, rather than allowing people to explore what spiritual paths help them to understand their own broken state.

    But to answer your question, because many, if not all, of the commandments were written by men who thought slavery and rape were acceptable.

  42. Love means turning the other cheek.

  43. #10: Love means you can live authentically, rather than trying to be someone you were never created to be.

  44. @Micheal East –
    “Love means turning the other cheek.”
    Love means turning the other cheek but refusing to put up with being hit needlessly (or at all).

  45. susan says:

    Law means it is already done for you and you just let the law be your guide…easy peasy, no emotion involved except judgement that the others are not measuring up to all those man-made laws that masquerade as true Christianity.

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