Do you struggle with changing your beliefs?

"Struggling With Your Faith" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Struggling With Your Faith” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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Actually, most people are skilled at hiding their internal struggles. It’s not as obvious as this pencil’s eraser always being visible to others. We can hide our struggles with our beliefs for a long time. But eventually, if I have any integrity at all, my changed mind will start manifesting itself externally.

First it is the changed mind. Then the changed person. Then the changed world.

Do you know someone who never uses their eraser? Maybe you are that person.

Do you know someone who always uses their eraser? Maybe you are that person.

One of the most difficult, even impossible, things to do is change our minds. Changing our beliefs is a monumental task. It can be painful.

I care about providing a safe and supportive place for people to do that. It’s called The Lasting Supper.


5 Replies to “Do you struggle with changing your beliefs?”

  1. Great cartoon,man.

    Such an important and necessary topic, never heard it mentioned in church though,…why not?
    My own personal paradigm shift has been emotionally difficult and unsettling to say the least and I’ve learned not to expect any consolation whatsoever from my former captors.
    Certain aspects of our spiritual growth and evolution can often be plagued with fear and self doubt because we are often haunted by the dire voices of Doom from our religious past, warning us of our wayward path.
    But God is Good and He will give us little “confirmations” to assure us of His providence. You might could say that finding this Blog is one such confirmation.

  2. Excellent cartoon! I remember reading a blog where this guy was talking about how his faith had not changed since he was 19 (he was now in 50s). And thought “how can your faith not change from 19 to your 50s”?! You have been through so many life experiences, there has to be something that has changed, even if you still are a Christian, etc.” That, to me, is the danger of Fundamentalism.

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