Do you want love with no strings attached?

"No Strings Attached" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“No Strings Attached” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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If I am truly loved by someone, then I would desire to attach strings to that person.

Love does this.

True love comes without strings, but it may evoke ties of commitment, loyalty and even love as a response.

No strings from the lover. Strings from the beloved.

When this goes both ways, it makes a relationship.


5 Replies to “Do you want love with no strings attached?”

  1. It is people who love people.
    It is people who can offer hearts to other people
    as they struggle to remove as many strings as possible to children, parents, family, friends and even strangers.

    So I’d rather see this cartoon with a person-to-person offer, not a daddy in the sky.
    Let’s keep responsibility in its real court.

  2. While I get Sabio’s intent, I also understood the point. Theologically speaking, the unconditional love we are told of in various sermons and speeches has quite a large number of hidden strings. “I’ll love you forever … if you keep even the littlest of my commands.” “I love you for every bit … but I want to fix that little gay thing you have”

    God’s cutting those strings because man attached the strings.

  3. The synchronicity of this is curious. Just this past week I discovered a little known movement within Chrisendom often disparagingly referred to as “Hyper Grace” as taught by Joshua Tongol. It teaches that God loves us ALL unconditionally with absolutely no strings attached whatsoever to our ‘salvation’…none. That falls into the category of really really good news to me.

  4. The source energy and order beyond all forms has made us what we are, that is small copies of itself. With pure intent we will be able to go beyond our thoughts and in that stillness feel or know that the connection (the string) to the source of pure awareness has never been broken. But our minds have been unaware of this fact when educated to live in a competetive society where authorities are creating all kinds of separation and false values.The freedom to be creators of our lives comes with self-knowledge. Each one of us has to understand for himself the confusion of his own mind. Creativeness is a state of being , where the conflicts and sorrows of the self are absent. When the mind is silent and inactive then the connection is felt and we can be sensitive to the beauty in a relationship, to the beauty of nature and feel the joy there is in being in harmony with oneself.

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