Is sexism Christianity writ large and lived to its logical conclusion?

"Housewife Sacrifice" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“Housewife Sacrifice” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


This is why we have to re-evaluate our hermeneutics… how we treat the bible and its worldview.

Have you read the fascinating article How Playing Good Christian Housewife Almost Killed Me? It is a powerful testimony to the extremes that a literalist hermeneutic will take you.

She sums up the problem, the Christian problem, in this one paragraph:

“The reason you can find Quiverfull families in nearly every type of Christian congregation is because Quiverfull beliefs are not actually a radical departure from traditional Christian teachings regarding marriage and family. It is my contention that Quiverfull IS regular Christianity writ large … lived out to its logical conclusion.”

I admire her. It took a great deal of honesty and courage to get out of that situation. And it took even more honesty and courage to talk about it openly.

Vyckie Garrison is involved with No Longer Quivering. Like The Lasting Supper, they too form groups to help people make necessary spiritual transitions.


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5 Responses

  1. cosec00 says:

    “”Even though they grow weary and wear themselves out with child-bearing, that is of no consequence; let them go on bearing children till they die, that is what they are there for ” Martin Luther

  2. David Waters says:

    GREAT article link David. Powerful! How convenient for man to create something he’ll never have to face, while making everyone believe no matter how much abuse they receive at the hands of the man, it’ll never be as bad as what will happen to the man when he stand before his maker. THAT makes it all OKAY! Alrighty then….

  3. mirele says:

    The church’s default (only) role for women is that of wife and mother. Granted, some Catholic women can become spouses of Christ. I live in the Intermountain West and the dominant religion here is Mormonism. The wife/mother role is held up as the ONLY legitimate position. Ironically, it’s my observation that in practice, evangelical Protestants come awfully close to Mormons in that belief (even though ev. Protestants will be the first to step up and call Mormons “cultists.”). It’s certainly true that ev. Protestants don’t know how to deal with adult women who “fail” to heed the prime directive to have a godly marriage and raise godly children. And those of us who “fail” at that prime directive–the churches don’t know what to do with us. Because we’re not in the position of wife/mother to anyone. And that’s the only way the church seems to be able to relate to women–as wives and mothers.

    I wonder if men feel the same way, or are there more roles available in Christian communities for men?

  4. R Vogel says:


    That link didn’t work for me. Do you know the source? It is funny, the more I learn about Martin Luther the more I am amazed that we look at this extremely disturbed individual as a spiritual example. Actually looking at the bulk of the right leaning christians I know I guess I am not that surprised…..