Is the love of God perpetually unobtainable?

"The Love of God" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“The Love of God” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

I was speaking with someone recently who said she finally had to admit that she could probably make herself feel God’s love. In other words, she was beginning to wonder if she could manufacture the feeling.

This is totally possible. We do it all the time. We can make ourselves believe something so strongly that we can actually feel it.

Now, I’m not insisting that this is necessarily always true. But this is not my point. My point is that I think it is a crucial part of our growth to admit we can make things up and even concoct the attending feelings that are supposed to come with it.

I clearly remember the first time I thought this. It was probably one of the scariest moments of my life. But it was necessary. And it still is.

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5 Replies to “Is the love of God perpetually unobtainable?”

  1. A great meditation,David. and as you say, it is essential for our progress that we come to terms with this religious charade. Evangelical Christianity is notorious for manufacturing and manipulating the emotions of their people and calling it “God”. It’s scary how susceptible we are to believing that God can be summonsed by conjuring up a feeling using just the right music.
    For me, Christian meditation (see John Main) has done more to expand my awareness of God and to facilitate my transition from indoctrination into a more authentic understanding and relationship with Christ/God. Thanks for starting this conversation.

  2. careful, you’re sounding Atheist… It is difficult for the majority to question the source of their feelings. They’ve been told and they dare not question. I miss those fluttery special feelings. But following what I believe to be realistic is more important.

  3. David, for clarity, you said, “But it was necessary. And it still is.”

    What was/is necessary?
    (a) Recognizing you can make things up
    (b) We can feel strongly things we make up
    (c) It is important to feel good, even if it is only from things we make up? (Like a god who loves us)

    I was a bit unclear on that?

  4. “I miss those fluttery special feelings. But following what I believe to be realistic is more important”-David Waters
    This is a fascinating aspect of Human psychology/physiology. We actually become chemically addicted to the peptides that those “fluttery feelings”(emotions) release within us, this explains the seemingly strange phenomena of why we miss the orchestrated emotional elation while at the same time realizing that we were being intentionally manipulated by it. It’s not unusual for us to return over and over to the scene of our spiritual abuse in order to re-experience and again feel the familiar soothing emotional high,’s an Addiction.

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