Mars Hill Church branches close: less homes for penis homes

penis home cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

In Mark Driscoll’s update to his Mars Hill Church some weeks ago, he apologized for some things he’d said and some attitudes. You can read my post about it HERE.

It recently surfaced that in 2001, under the name of William Wallace II, he essentially called women “penis homes”. You can read a good analysis of it HERE.

Mars Hill Church is planning to close 15 branches as a result of the controversy surrounding Driscoll.

My concern is that it is one thing to apologize for, say, calling women “penis homes”. But what about the sexism from which that spoke? Too many people are saying that Driscoll has apologized and so we should forgive and restore him. But more people are saying that it is not just the words that are disconcerting, but the attitude behind them. Is this repairable?

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5 Replies to “Mars Hill Church branches close: less homes for penis homes”

  1. As a female who lives in Washington state, I NEVER recommended Mars Hill to any female. I won’t let a man talk to me that way, face to face. I certainly am not going to let someone talk to me that way from a pulpit. Ain’t gonna happen.

  2. Where did you get 15 branches? I read 3-4 elsewhere. I feel sorrow for those deceived individuals that remain in the pews.

  3. Loren: best as I can tell, Mars Hill has 15 branches and is closing an undisclosed number of them.

    David: you crack me up!

  4. Sorry, Don’t have a website or a platform either….no way! He seriously called women “Penis Homes”? I can hardly type that is so strange. I cannot even imaging calling my wife a penis home. Even in the throws of some fantasy. I think she would kick me out of bed for entertaining the idea. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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