The World According to Matt Walsh

"The World According to Matt Walsh" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“The World According to Matt Walsh” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

I am truly fascinated by fundamentalism and fundamentalists, including Matt Walsh. In his most recent post, You are born a man or a woman. You don’t get to choose, he says many things I disagree with. But this one sentence sums it up for me:

“Liberal gender theory is sham, and everyone knows it.”

Um, no, we don’t. But of course he would say we are either stupid or liars.

I suppose it does work to live in a world of black and white, or else people wouldn’t attempt it.

Although I do wonder how happy and free a world it is. But of course he would say happy and free are not the point.

Being right is! Like Matt Walsh.

(*This cartoon was inspired by the poster from the film, The World According to Garp.)


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14 Responses

  1. R Vogel says:

    Although it is often infuriating, at times when I can step back and see it for what it is, these childish temper tantrums by these types (I still have no idea who Matt Walsh is, nor do I care to remedy that) are really a reaction of fear for a world that they no longer de facto control. Power is shifting away from them. There is no way to stop it, critical mass has been achieved, so all they can do is lash out. Or at the very least they are playing into other people’s fears in order to make money. It is infuriating, but also kind of hopeful. The more power they lose, the harder they will lash out until they finally fade into obscurity. It is very sad if your only hope is that your G*d will come back and smite everyone you don’t like…

  2. Sabio Lantz says:

    I agree with criticizing such silly black-and-white categories.

    Is there one established “Liberal Gender Theory”? Can you link to a bullet list of the truth propositions they posit? I searched for something, but could find one thing.

    “Feminism” used to be a word I used and supported in my younger days, but it has a whole new rhetoric level which is highly questionable to me.

    I am sure I would disagree with much of Matt Walsh’s views, but would I support any particular flavor of “Liberal Gender Theory” — I doubt it, but then, I need a link to a clear testable theory. Or are they using “theory” in some sense I am unaware.

    And I know how liberal theories can take on a suppressive authority of their own.

  3. R Vogel says:

    BTW, love The World According to Garp reference. Haven’t seen or read it in ages. Have to remedy that soon.

  4. Sabio Lantz says:

    BTW, is that a banana or a pistol in Walsh’s left pocket?
    Or does he just love his own simple world that much!

  5. Maybe Matt Walsh loves hearing himself talk THAT much

  6. Caryn LeMur says:

    Matt is just a shock jock. His argumentation normally has little to no reasoning.

    Here, think of something that makes you angry – even for a micro-moment. Then, write it with a ton of swear words. Then, delete all the swearing. Then re-write for the masses as if critiquing a third party (not yourself) from an Archie Bunker position wherein you speak like a human morphing into God. You end up with shock jock style writing, like this:

    Round 1. OMG! I burnt the F’ing toast. Why didn’t I realize the toaster needed to be F’ing replaced? What the F’ is wrong with my BullShit home budget that it cannot afford a shit-free toaster?!?

    Round 2. I burnt the toast. Why didn’t I realize the toaster needed to be replaced? What is wrong with my home budget that it cannot afford a good toaster?!?

    Round 3. So, this idiot on some blog writes about ‘burning his morning toast’. Like, am I suppose to sympathize with that kind of pathetic blog writer? He doesn’t my need sympathy, venting, or listening! He needs to wake up, grow up, and fix his home budget. I have to ignore what dim-witted Christians insist the Bible says – and tell him ‘Get a job!’ After all, that is what God would say. Then, he can be normal, and afford a good toaster! This is the kind of weakness that is taking over the church, the country, and the world! Give em tough love! Yeah… that is the 11th Commandment – ‘Thou shalt Give ’em TOUGH LOVE’.

    Then, kick back, and watch the circus of comments unfold around you. Suddenly, you are noticed pro and con. And attention is all that you wanted, right? You can look at your burnt piece of toast, and smile.

  7. reststopkirk says:

    Great illustration.

    I was eerily curious about his podcast… I wasn’t disappointed. Or rather was.

    Episode 1, at around 6:00 minute mark mr walsh reveals to the world what he thinks of everybody else… People who are not him.

    He is different than “normal” people.

    His voice and thoughts are ripe for the world to glean from… It’s as if he is saying, “Listen, you normal people, I don’t get why you think you have this burden or voice to try and make a difference, voice concerns, create a place for commiseration and though experiments… leave that to us, the few who should have the loudest voice, who are apart of an elite line of life commentators… I mean, for me, it’s my God given job… For God’s sake, I HAVE TO do this to support my family. Yours is to be that manager at Home Depot. So do that. Don’t waste yours and others time. Also, you are confusing all the other “normal” people that they really have a voice…”

    I want to believe he is incredibly naive to what other people really do use social media for (it’s not just a popularity contest for everyone else), but I doubt it.

    Most of the time when people make assumptions, they project their own beliefs. Mr Walsh’s concern for others using “his” platforms, are that these “normal” people primarily believe the blogosphere, twitter, facebook is all about making money, hits and popularity… I suggest that his “concern” is a reflection of how he views these forums. He primarily cares for hits, numbers and the green-green.

    I really don’t know why he has followers anyways. I think I can safely assume he could give a rat’s ass what his readers think/believe/care for.

  8. Sabio Lantz says:

    Like R Vogel (above), fortunately I had never heard of “Matt Walsh” until this post. David, your blog reading choices need some improvement. 😉

    Here is Walsh’s blog for those unaware and curious.

    Interestingly, Matt’s blog’s subtitle is “Absolute Truth”. My advice is if you find a blogger who uses “Truth-with-a-capital-T” in their title, install several extra bullshit filters into your RSS reader!

    In my post “Truth vs. truthS”, I made some diagrams to perhaps aid in navigating past the folly of those ready to instruct us in absolute Truth.

  9. i like that line of reasoning caryn

  10. rhonda says:

    Truly, I don’t understand transgender issues. However, unlike Matt Walsh, I think people do get to create who they want to be. Even more puzzling is why Matt Walsh has set himself up as judge. How could he possibly know how these people think or feel? How is he harmed by the choices they are making in their lives and for their families? Live and let live. For those in your life outside the ‘norm,’ cheer them on to their personal best.

  11. mirele says:

    Caryn LeMur writes: “Matt is just a shock jock. His argumentation normally has little to no reasoning.”

    That’s correct! Before he started blogging, Walsh was a shock jock DJ. He burned through three radio stations in as many years.

    There are days I wonder if Walsh’s blogging isn’t an act to rile people up, get hits and consequently, advertisers. And then there are the days when I’m sure that he absolutely believes the garbage he spews out and I despair for the world. I wish people I knew would not post his stuff to Facebook.

  12. Chris says:

    I find it ironic that you don’t see you’re exactly what you accuse Matt of. Oh no, he actually STANDS by his convictions. GASP, the horror. He stands for what the Lord says, sorry God’s word is cut and dry, just because you want to make it grey does not make it so. There’s only ONE way to Heaven and it’s narrow. Spend more time in God’s word, and obviously your little followers need to do the same.

  13. Well Chris, the first part of your comment revealed your mind, which is one thing, but then the second part where you say “little followers” showed your heart, which is entirely another. I find his discrimination critical and worthy, indeed necessary, to critique. I never intend to attack him or his readers personally.

  14. Caryn LeMur says:

    Hi Chris: love the insults! So cool of you! I mean… gosh… when I was in junior high school, you would have been just tops!

    But I am an adult now….

    On the other hand, tell us what you believe Matt Walsh has said that is (1) peace loving (or peace-pursuing); (2) considerate and submissive; (3) full of mercy and good fruit (love, joy, peace, longsuffering); (4) impartial; and (5) sincere. [Yes, this is based on Jams 3:17]

    So far, I have read a lot of sincerity…. but find little in support of (1), (2), (3), and (4).

    So, by the Bible, I am forced to conclude that Matt’s approach is not from the wisdom of heaven… and if the theme of a Matt post started as ‘pure’ [James 3:17], it is now very polluted. And yanno, that is God’s word…. just cut and dry.

    Sincerely; Caryn