Why doesn’t Jesus ever do anything for us?

"Never Do Anything" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“Never Do Anything” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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Love isn’t an accessory, but the foundation.
It’s not the skin, but the bone.
Love is not the lung, but the air.
Neither is it occasional rain, but the river.
Nor is it the season, but the climate.
We live in it, not near it.

This fellow doesn’t get it. History was reset. Life changed. Everything’s different. There’s nothing to wait for because it already came.


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6 Responses

  1. Caryn LeMur says:

    I am a believer with both doubts and faith. I do believe Jesus did much for me long ago, and that helps my faith. So, your cartoon is good by me.

    But it is the ‘Jesus in the Now’ that concerns me.

    I have seen too much:
    – an arrogant pastor that told me to leave the grounds and slammed the church door behind him; another that told me ‘all bisexuals are promiscuous’ and thought this was not bigotry nor prejudice;
    – a young well-meaning pastor that was my bodyguard once, and never returned to feed the poor in their tent-villages;
    – a wonderful older brother that helped feed the poor but was scolded by his church too many times for being corrupted by his friendship with me;
    – an elder with weight identity issues that had medical intervention who talked down to me since I had gender identity issues and medical intervention (I laughed during the meeting because the hypocrisy was amazing…);
    – an elder that was like Jesus without condemnation towards me, and amazing… but we had to meet in my home far away from his rejecting church.

    I have come to see that the ‘Jesus in the Now’ is not in the church institution.

    I have nearly died twice in my life; I survived. I am healing from the latest event. I can see the foreshadowing of the end of my work career. The grandchildren visit now and then. There is no group of Christians near our new home that accepts transsexuals. I volunteered to help at some outreaches… but apparently the outreaches are controlled by the churches, and I am not a member of any church. We gave up our large home to live in a small retirement home. I am surrounded by losses.

    Oh yes, it could have been worse… but where is my personal ‘Jesus in the Now’?

    The Jesus on the Cross is wonderful history in my opinion, and perhaps that is everything.

    But I still wonder where is the ‘Jesus in the Now’?

  2. KatR says:

    I certainly never wanted God to unleash horrific violence on someone “for me”, nor do I feel the need to be thankful for this atrocity supposedly committed on my behalf.

  3. UnkaDenny says:

    There are several reasons. The big one is that we are seen through the prism of faith. If God jut did stuff for us it would directly interfere with both free will and faith.

  4. VanPastorMan says:

    Caryn, what exactly did Jesus do for you 2,000 yrs ago? I’d be interested in hearing you talk about your faith. I am a Bible believing pastor of a small country church. It is country. We have milking cows to the north of us and corn to the east,west, and south.

  5. Caryn LeMur says:

    Hi Van:

    Most important to me, is that I believe that Jesus gave me a life example that is the sum of how to live the Law of Moses fully and to live the Law of Christ.

    – When Jesus created disciples from different political persuasions – zealot and tax collector – I think that shows a life-style that welcomes all that follow Him and ignores politics;

    – When Jesus led both a mystic life and a teaching life, I think that shows the way a leader finds balance;

    – When Jesus stated that ‘X was taught before, but now I say Y’, He taught that His words were higher priority than the previous words – even to the point of giving all blessings with impartiality (the ‘sun rising upon the evil and the good’… ‘so be like your Heavenly Father’). Thus, we should give the Fed/State blessings of marriage to all; the right to adoption to all; the right to purchase to all; and so forth.

    I believe that ultimate uniqueness can demand ultimate price. Thus, the ‘sending’ and ‘death’ of the ‘only begotten son’ was an exchange for all the sins of the world – past, present, and future. The only sin that still is between mankind and God is ‘blasphemy against the Holy Ghost’. At this time, I believe that blasphemy is to make yourself equal to or greater than. Given the Holy Spirit is convicting the world, those that ask God for forgiveness undo blasphemy. Thus, I believe that heaven will be filled with many people from many faiths.

    I believe that Jesus rose from the dead. And thus, I have hope that if there is a heaven, I will be there.

    Hope this helps to answer your question.

  6. Susan in TX says:

    What can Jesus do for you that He hasn’t already done?
    What can Jesus be for you that He hasn’t already been?

    If we expect human beings to deliver the love of Jesus to us, we might wait for eternity.