Different creatures and their diets: What does the church eat?

"Creatures and their Diets" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“Creatures and their Diets” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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Some might say that the church isn’t a creature, but the Bride of Christ or something. Yes it is a creature in that it is a creation. Also, some might claim that the church feeds on the word of God. Does it? If you took the bible away from a church, would it survive? Yes, just like churches have in countries that ban the bible. If you took money away from a church, would it survive? You and I both know many wouldn’t.

The Vineyard church I pastored from 1996 to when I left the ministry and the church in 2010 has closed. It is no more. It’s already closed its doors and sold the property.

It’s not just the closing of a chapter for me, but the closing of a book.

My most intense spiritual growth occurred there. We had wonderful times there as well as incredibly tough times. I learned a lot about how to facilitate community. I also learned, in 2010, that I and that church were no longer compatible. At least in that form.

Basically they couldn’t afford to go on. There are other reasons, but this was the final clincher.

I’m sad about it.

But I still have a lively and incredibly supportive community called The Lasting Supper. Would you join us?


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7 Responses

  1. Caryn LeMur says:

    I am sad to see a business close… be it a volunteer organization or a blacksmith’s shop.

    It saddens me to the volunteer org quietly die…. especially one that may have taught about Jesus… and that helped build community and honesty with vulnerability among its members… as Jesus did. Especially one that taught its members to slowly withdraw from the medic’s tent of the four walls, and spend more and more time with family and friends and the poor and wounded of the community… as Jesus did. Especially one that was not dependent upon leaders, magical thinking, male patriarchy, and member discipline for cohesion… as Jesus did.

    Then again, we simply do not need a blacksmith in every village. He makes a product to sell, not community. He has changed from essential to a novelty act that depends upon his artistic skill… and correct pricing. If he can make sparks fly to interest an audience, tell stories that captivate imaginations, and magically produce yet another novel piece of steel that no one duplicate, perhaps we will join his class for a time… and perhaps buy a anvil and pound away for a time…. but we will eventually resign from a fun, but useless, hobby.

    Unless, the blacksmith can build a cultic following by his amazing speaking personality. Unless, he can make us somehow dependent upon him week after week for the next piece of magical thinking. Unless, he can teach us to speak an in-group language that no outsider can understand. Unless, he can teach us to sing songs that make us feel connected without requiring any real honesty or vulnerability. And then, we can build a bigger blacksmithing facility… and maybe a blacksmithing school… and appoint people to levels of blacksmithing status and rank and power….. and…..

    Wait… I think a just described a church….

    There’s a moral in here somewhere……

  2. Alpha Lim says:

    I thought the church ate souls, David!

  3. Bob Sims says:

    You’re too nice. Another thing the church devours is people.

  4. R Vogel says:

    Is it wrong that I originally read that ‘Moneywhore?’