the word “God” and our ideas about “God” are not “God”

"The God Box" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“The God Box” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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Yesterday a magazine in Stockholm, Sweden, asked for permission to use this cartoon in their publication. The transaction took place all online with a couple hours. Nifty!

Very cool! I love seeing my cartoons fly around the world.

Krishnamurti, one of my most favorite philosophers, said, “The word is not the thing!” I remember the first time I read that how disruptive that was to my mind. It blew up my categories and shook me into realizing that I had for a long time identified my ideas and even words about God with the Ultimate Mystery. Actually, I’m kind of surprised that it had that affect on me because this is basically what Karl Barth was saying in his theology. And Heschel. And so many others.

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4 Replies to “the word “God” and our ideas about “God” are not “God””

  1. Yes, the WORD is not the Holly Bibble, that scandalous big black book, them Lutheran’s and their ‘sola scripture’…pshaw…the living Word is Jesus Christ himself, the book is just a sign-post, pointing toward Him, the reflection of the sun (Son) in a puddle…

    Years ago a friend asked me: what do you believe? and I didn’t have an answer. Nowadays, I’m shaping one. What , if I may ask, Mr. Hayward, do you believe??? Do you have a lil’ manifesto someplace? Or are the ‘toons your manifesto…???

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