Thank God for such a glowing endorsement for my upcoming book!

"God's Endorsement" by nakedpastor David Hayward

“God’s Endorsement” by nakedpastor David Hayward

The book isn’t a joke, but the endorsement is. This is an actual book, “Questions are the Answer: nakedpastor and the search for meaning“, that I finally submitted to my publisher, Darton, Longman & Todd, just yesterday. It is coming out this summer. I’m very excited about it, and so are they.

The endorsement… well… Happy April Fools’ Day. However, I am looking for a strong endorsement for the book. I mean, God is as good as you could get. But, I can’t reach him, like most celebrities.

Seriously, on another note, would you like to be a part of a community where it is safe to ask your questions? Please accept my warm invitation to join us at The Lasting Supper. I will personally greet you and introduce you there.


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3 Responses

  1. Ducatihero says:

    Oh boy I didn’t know you were the Son of God. Wow – the second coming has happened already? (joking).

    I think it’s great asking and receiving genuine questions in order to understand and be understood. Trouble comes along though of course when questions are insincere and mask contempt and attempts to trip up.

    Therefore – need for discernment between what is genuine inquiry and when (to put not too finer a point on it) someone is acting like an arsehole.

  2. Caryn LeMur says:

    Love it! lol!

    Learning that the words of the question can dictate the answer, was a key to understanding business analysis years ago. Thus, I was taught that the ‘problem definition’ needs to not be assumed.

    Problem definition can be pictured (if you wish) as a star cluster, multiple centers with multiple spokes. Thus, a question like, “Why does Tony Jones of the Christian Emerging Movement apparently practice legal warfare on his ex-spouse?” quickly generates a flurry of related questions:

    “Is there a God that is just and interferes with courts? or, is there a God that allows mankind to make judgments and actions (either good or bad)?”

    “Should the Body of Christ continue to endorse Tony Jones “Debacle” with Peter Rollins? Does the Body of Christ (the American Church) have an obligation to ignore Tony’s “Debacle” (an attention-getting debate being staged) and try to draw Tony and the Christian community back into the deeper issues of lack of character, inability to honor God’s authorities, abuse of financial power, church blindness, and using church events as a smoke-screen for evil actions?”

    “who the hell is Peter Rollins and why does he even matter?”

    “Does Tony’s admittance on the Internet that he is diagnosed/certified with NPD (formerly called megalomania) give Tony more need for accountability and/or should we then extend Tony more grace for creating the non-biblical doctrine of “Sacramental Marriage” (also called ‘church sanctioned pre-marital sex’ by those that disagree….)?”

    “Did Tony Jones influence Rachel Held Evans husband to force Rachel to hide all the FaceBook posts? Does ‘walking on the other side and ignoring the wounded’ include hiding FaceBook posts? Why did Rachel’s husband interfere with her FaceBook page? Must Christian women submit to a husband that orders you to ignore the cries of the wounded, and then the wife stands innocent?”

    “Should the voice of the alleged abused be allowed to speak in public? Should we allow also the voice of the alleged abuser? Should we delete and erase accusations (by both sides), given we are not the “proper authorities” OR is such erasure a sign of ignoring the Parable of the Good Samaritan?”

    See how all these questions flow from one to the other? Star-clusters….. amazing…..

    Problem definition is so overwhelming, that it may be what drove Rachel Held Evans away from the wounded and abused women of the church. Add to that mix, in-group and out-group dynamics (e.g., Rachel stating that she performed an investigation and stood by her friend Tony – which later turned out she never queried the ex-wife that alleges abuse… yes, a Christian non-thorough and prejudiced investigation… wow….)… and then we see how overwhelming ‘problem definition’ can become ….

    Problem definition is time-consuming, a deep journey into our own prejudices and hopes for a Christian faith that actually makes a difference, a horrible awakening that giants of the faith may have little faith in God and more in courts and money, that fame-seekers exist within the church system and garner friends as shields, that a man that marries a second wife may wish to destroy the first wife at any cost, and that authors can indeed write good books but run away from women speaking of their own abuse, and that prior friendships dictate the limits of Christianity….

    The courage to walk into the snow-storm of problem definition is a real issue. Teaching Christians patience, as their mind copes with the flurry, and finds the key questions, is a real skill. The church institution can teach these things, if they wish.

    Again, great cartoon! Cheers! Caryn