God takes a breastie

"God Takes a Breastie" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“God Takes a Breastie” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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Yes, God is old enough to have man boobs. Or moobs for short.

There’s a developing story of pastor Hutchings just down the road from me in Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada, who wrote on Facebook:

“Dear Insecure Women, please stop conveniently including your chest in your selfies… Don’t need your weird aerial views. We’re embarrassed for you. No really, we are. I know you’re trying to make up for other losses, but let’s be honest, the whole pic is a loss.”

He added that he was against “breasties”, which he called selfies with breasts. He begged: “Please share. Let’s save lives.”

The backlash launched the hashtags #breasties and #breastiesstrong.

The members of The Lasting Supper have breasts. Come join us! Hahaha.


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8 Responses

  1. Korrine says:

    I need to point out it’s not just older men who have breasts. There’s a condition called gynecomastia which results in breast development in males during puberty.

    Those guys need some #breastie love, too! 😀

  2. Teague Frawley says:

    All I can say is I wish I could un-see that picture! I’m not saying its bad – it’s funny…in a disturbing sort of way! LOL

  3. gina says:


  4. Aletheianna says:

    I love this for so many reasons! First, there is evidence that El Shaddai could be translated something like “the big breasted one.” Second, I’m a breastfeeding mom with a baby who won’t eat under a cover (can you blame her?) and who is sick of being told that making sure men don’t see my breasts is far more important than nourishing my child.

  5. Merrydew says:

    Or as in Iceland… #FreetheNipple This site actually got me banned from liking any pages for several weeks because I support the ‘girls’. When will misogynists learn, My Body and I will do as I wish with it.


    #FreetheNipple, #breasties and #breastiesstrong… You Go GIRLS AND GUYS! This old lady supports you!

  6. Caryn LeMur says:

    wow… that pastor, in one short statement, tried victim-blaming, slamming, guilt manipulation, reaffirmation of his guilt manipulation, down-talking insulting, and then a final slamming insult.

    The man is perfect! Ummmm… not for the church… but Chris Rock should hire him as a staff writer…. add a few twists, and you get this:

    “Hi! My name is the Very UnReverand Chris Rock!

    “Dear Insecure Women, please stop conveniently including your chest in your selfies… they fuck up my driving down the street in my pastor-style car while I am searching for hot chicks.

    “I don’t need your weird aerial views – I am much more into posterior views, honest to God.

    “At times, I am embarrassed for you, unless you are really a Double E.

    “No really, I is.

    “I know you’re trying to make up for other losses, but let’s be honest, the whole pic is a loss… without the big titties I need for my sermons.”

    Yep. Sounds like Chris…. ummmm…. not like Christ….



  7. Sazza F says:

    I don’t have a gut reaction of feeling insulted by this image (which as a Christian I might be entitled to have) but what it triggered for me was a moment of profound theological reflection on the nature of the incarnation. There’s a line in a song called “Meekness and Majesty” by Graham Kendrick that says:

    Lord of infinity,
    Stooping so tenderly,
    Lifts our humanity
    To the heights of His throne.

    And it struck me that, in being born into human flesh as a puking, pooping baby, that is what Jesus has done, and he has done it for all of us, not just the Sunday School white skinned blonde haired handsome Jesus type people, but the black, the white, the thin, the fat, the ugly, the beautiful, the young, the old. By doing so he honours and raises all our humanity, he doesn’t bring himself down to my level, and so the idea that God might look like a paunchy middle aged bloke with moobs makes me smile, but also reminds me, a paunchy, middle aged white gal, that I am made in the image of God, and therefore all of me is worthy of honour rather than shaming, including certain aspects of my chest area, which are unavoidably located near to my face…meaning that when I take a picture of that face, said chest area inevitable appears near it. Some might say it’s bad design…but I suppose I could always blame the designer….