all the LGBT-free zones in the world

"LGBT-FREE ZONES" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“LGBT-FREE ZONES” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Well… I haven’t really done the research, but this is my guess:

… that there isn’t a country, an extended family, a business, a school, a church, a group, a club, etcetera, etcetera, that doesn’t have LGBT people within.

Even places that prohibit, discriminate against, persecute, shame, ridicule, or live in denial… there are LGBT people there.

Just a guess.

I know our group, The Lasting Supper, has LGBT folk experiencing their freedom. Join us!


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  1. I’m confused, is it LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTI, LGBTQQIAAP or some other label?

    To me all I see is people – like you, like me – period.

  2. I was amazed yesterday when my colleague, a physician, was bad-mouthing Jenner: “You’re either a Man or Woman!” A few folks laughed, one or two jumped in and supported him, but most were quiet.

    So I said: “Geeeez, how many LGBT people do you think hear you making those outrageous statements but just stay quiet because they know there are lots of jerks like you. Or how many people, do you think, have LGBT friends or family that are just disgusted by your ignorance on this issue?”

    (You must know, that he is both my boss and a guy a joke a lot with)

    He replied, “Really, If your organs are male, you are male, and if they are female, you are female. Period!”

    I jokingly replied, “Oh, OK, I thought we could talk about this in scientific, rational terms — but you seem to just want to work with your disgust brain. That is OK, I get it. They disgust you — but you don’t understand the human brain. You are sacrificing scientific reasoning for your emotions. Yet somehow you got through medical school. Amazing how people partition their brains, isn’t it?”

    We then, between seeing patients, talked for an hour on the topic — he lightened up a bit.

    He is a religion-free guy — so not holy stuff to hide his bigotry. He is highly educated. All to show, it is a tough battle. Mostly, I wanted him to know that lots of folks around him disagreed and saw his statements as ignorant. I think he got it.

    Being a bigoted heterosexual, I understand his disgust — it took me a while (decades ago) to see behind it. Disgust at that which is not like me or mine is primitive, deep and hard to expose and soften, yet alone to cure.

  3. My observation has been that those Christians I’ve known who protest the loudest about any and all things LGBT are those who have gay family members. And what I always hear from them is “Oh, I love my [brother/sister/niece/nephew/child/whatever] but I just can’t approve . . . ”

    “Love the sinner but hate the sin.”


  4. “He is a religion-free guy — so not holy stuff to hide his bigotry”
    “those Christians I’ve known who protest the loudest”

    OK then some so – called “Christians” protest loudly about what they hold to, some so – called “religious” folks hide bigotry, some so -called LGBT face discrimination. On the other hand “Christians” face persecution, some secular activists protest loudly with their ideas and any one human group or institution has elements to it that act in a bigoted nature.

    So that’s why it’s great that there are folks who can see all arguments and satirise the pretentious and those that have got too big for their boots. When that crosses over into dehumanisation and disrespect for no other reason than being different, then we are all in trouble.

  5. The sad thing is that so many countries (and religious and political groups) want that cartoon’s header to be a representation of how many non-heterosexual/non-heteroromantic/non-cisgender people there are in their “civilized and superior” society.

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