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8 Responses

  1. purvez says:

    David, what you are suggesting :

    ” wonder what would happen if there was this much moral and global outrage over the needless taking of human life.”

    is TOO much suffering for humans to contemplate so they’d rather castigate animal killers. Does that sound too heartless towards animals?

  2. purvez says:

    Adjunct to above:

    I believe people are contented as long as they’ve taken a ‘stance’ against ‘some’ injustice. (myself included).

  3. Whollyfool says:

    I have to think if a kind and peaceful person was lured out of their home, wounded and hunted for 40 hours and then their happy killer posed with the mutilated body, it would cause outrage. But maybe I’m overly optimistic. 🙁

  4. purvez says:

    Whollyfool, (Love that moniker) it is unlikely to happen with humans because even the ‘hunter’ would find it abhorrent.

    So animals are a GREAT substitute for ‘HUNTERS’…and they provide the rest of ‘us’ with enough fodder to feel ‘good’ when we ‘stand up’ to them. Isn’t life full of strange twists?

    Too many apostrophes….sorry.

  5. Bernardo says:

    Considering that some our greatest leaders/politicians were trophy hunters e.g Teddy R. of Mount Rushmore fame, the recent trophy killing is a non-entity considering what Muslims do to each other 24/7 and what our inner city citizens do to each other every day especially in cities like Chicago and Baltimore.

  6. Yasmin says:

    Oh, c’mon, you guys, not you, too!!! It is very possible to feel outrage at all atrocities one hears about. This nonsense following this story around the internet, this posting of, “Oh, you’re SO upset about the lion, that means you don’t care at all about humans!” is just ridiculous. I’m upset about so much awfulness in the world, and I do what I can to stop what I can, so please just knock it off! If the story is about the lion, I don’t post my outrage about, say, the suicide rate of deployed service people there. That latter really upsets me, but I don’t say anything about it in posts about Cecil, to do so would be ridiculous.

    I don’t understand where people get this idea, that to voice anger at one injustice somehow means that you don’t care about any other injusticies. Where does that absurdity come from?????

  7. I think the question yasmin is: is there as much outrage for human life?

  8. Yasmin says:

    Of course, there is as much outrage at the loss of human life! That’s obvious in many other posts and websites. It’s just that so many are posting (not so much here as elsewhere), almost literally, “Because the killing of Cecil upsets you, it’s clear you don’t care about any other wrong-doing.” That’s just ridiculous, and distracts from doing anything to correct any wrong-doing. You can’t measure outrage, you can’t be sure you’ve heard from everyone, or heard from anyone accurately, so such comments are worse than useless, they’re divisive and distracting. All that in addition to the fact that such comments are completely absurd.

    What I see in all of this (which is why this absurdity drives me crazy) is that such ugliness is all part of the same basic mindset. To devalue any life is to make all life a bit less valuable. To abuse animals (or to kill them for fun) is to look at some humans as less deserving of decent behavior, for one’s own convenience. I don’t mean to suggest that Palmer (the hunter that killed Cecil) abuses children or anything as direct as that, merely that people like Palmer may decide that some people are not as deserving of justice or decent behavior as others are, and that it is “manly” or showing strength to deny them justice or decency. Who knows what other abuses he considers fun, to animals OR people? Palmer doesn’t exist in isolation. There are many like him who kill for fun and ego, and they really do belong to that group of people that deny justice and even the basics of life to some people because of pride, greed, or selfishness. I cannot ignore the mis-treatment of animals anymore than I can ignore the mis-treatment of people. To me, it’s all the same injustice and ALL of it must be fought tooth and nail.