4 Replies to “when Jesus gets in the way of your religion”

  1. Lol – love it.

    Enough said really I don’t have anything of value to add to the point brilliantly and giftingly made in your cartoon.

    Did I just make up a new word – “giftingly”? 😉

  2. Great cartoon!

    A relationship with the Wind is the most difficult, but most freeing, of all things.

    It is difficult because we have no ‘disciplines’ upon which to boast – set times of fasting, set times of prayer, or ‘devotions’ (reading X number of Bible Chapters). We grow beyond the strict method-approach, and leave the mentor behind.

    It is freeing, because we can fast for a moment or perhaps ‘fast’ from taking revenge; we can pray as we breath or see a situation; we can hear of a friend’s concerns – pause, think, re-read their post again – and see what old verse comes to mind (or search the Bible or our library for some other thought to comfort them).

    I recall (imperfectly) a statement by Mother Teresa, “Where will I be tomorrow? What is my schedule? I will be where there is the greatest need.”

    She was human with failings, like us all…. but she understood the Wind of the Holy Spirit.

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