the endless effort of the church

"Sisyphus Revisited" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Sisyphus Revisited” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


Sisyphus was punished for his “self-aggrandizing craftiness and deceitfulness” (Wikipedia) by being forced to roll a huge boulder up a mountain, only for it to roll back down to the bottom again after he reached the top. He was condemned to do this for eternity.

This is a significant part of the story of the church throughout history.

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3 Replies to “the endless effort of the church”

  1. The novice (“initiate”) psychoanalyst is coming out in me on this one. Are you the Sisyphus character? Is the church an eternal part of your life that you want to rid yourself of, but God keeps pushing it back on you?

    (Or is that just what it means to me? 🙂 )

  2. Wow, spot on David!

    Christ invited us to take up our own cross and follow him, and that his burden is light (which is very different from easy). SO often church is laden with people-made “stuff” which has little or nothing to do with Christ – it is heavy and even debilitating on our journey. If we all stop trying to prop up the institution called church what happens? I think perhaps the shallow controlling abusive “church” might just fall down, and a much more real and inclusive body of Christ would be left standing – one which is open to/can experience the inherent connectedness of not only all humanity but all creation.

    Thanks, a good start to the morning. 🙂

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