wives need more advice than husbands

"Husbands and Wives" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Husbands and Wives” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


This is an accurate cartoon of an observation I made in a Christian bookstore many years ago. In fact, I’m being generous. There were way more books for wives and women than for husbands and men.


Patriarchal much?

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13 Replies to “wives need more advice than husbands”

  1. Christian Book Stores are Echo Chambers.
    All books about other religions, for example, are written by Christians as attacks on other religions.

    That is why people go in those stores — they love the echo chamber.
    Be that about men-women relations, relations to other religions and those who are religion-free or any number of other subjects.

  2. I know this is true, but part of the reason is just plain old supply and demand. Women are much more likely to read self help books, so bookstores sell them. This applies to both religious and non-religious women. It’s nothing nefarious, it’s just good business.

  3. Evidently, Sabio is being religious about being “religion free” and Evangelical about that.

    His “attack” on the so called “religious ” is to mock with contempt Christian book stores as being “echo chambers”.

    Thankfully nakedpastor is a site that encourages healthy dialogue with any spiritual journey and discourages ridicule and attempts at superiority where spiritual differences exist in independent walks.

    Thanks for bringing your experience to awareness David. I will look out for that if I am ever in a Christian bookstore.

    One book I have found helpful is “Fully Alive” by Larry Crabby, covering both male an female.

  4. @ David,
    Actually, aside from the “religions is alway bad” blogging atheists, most atheists don’t live in echo chambers at all. Indeed many religion-free folks were formerly religious.
    I have actually been banned from a few “religion is always bad” atheist blogs as I try to show them that most people’s religions have very little to do with right belief — even though their religious professionals may wish otherwise.

  5. Blog note: I see that you blog sometimes put comments out of chronological order. For instance, my last commented followed yours where you said, “But Sabio knows this.”

  6. Lol yeah David, my phone didn’t like Crabb. It changed it to Crabby :-).

    Yeah I’ll give you that, there was something creative in the term “echo chambers”.

    Indeed the same can be true of any religion. Whether that be atheism or the so called “religion free”. There is vacuus ignorance and prejudice in many walks of life.

  7. Anyone can be bigoted, hateful, or intolerant. Even atheists, agnostics, skeptics, none’s, “religion free,” or any kind of non believer can be guilty of this. It doesn’t just happen to religious people. I like to say that “stupidity is the ultimate equal opportunity employer.” We can all be blinded by our prejudices regardless of our religious opinions.

  8. @ Sue Bonner,
    Absolutely true.
    I remember a physician I worked with who was railing against conservative Christian hatred of homosexuals. See was lesbian and both of us were religion free. But I told her that the situation was far worse than she imagined — disdain of homosexual was rampant in atheist China for instance (where I once lived) — I told her that such disdain is an equal opportunity explorer.

    So I agree full heartely

  9. Absolutely Sue.

    What that then suggests to me is an incumbance on all to be mindful of this reality, be ready to apologise when such has happened (including inadvertently) and exercise regard and treatment of “the other” with equality and dignity.

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