Happy Valentine’s Day from Jesus to the Church

"Happy Valentine's Day" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Happy Valentine’s Day” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


I do hope everyone has a great day today. Many of you may be single, or your romantic relationship right now might be under strain.

This is something we understand and talk about at The Lasting Supper. We’re having a video hangout this afternoon called “Valentine’s Day or Not!” If you join us you can take part.


4 Replies to “Happy Valentine’s Day from Jesus to the Church”

  1. There’s an odd story to be told here. There was a Talmudic-era rabbi by the name of Akiva ben Joseph (who argued plenty with another rabbi, Simeon ben Azzai) who argued that the greatest commandment in all of the Torah was to love your neighbor as yourself (to which ben Azzai objected primarily due to neighbor not being clear enough and then said that the greatest commandment was within Genesis 5:1 – that man was created in G-d’s image and thus if you hate any person, you are hating G-d). When Akiva was to be put to death, it is said that his last words were (paraphrased), “It is not enough to love G-d with all of your heart, but your soul as well.”

    Unfortunately, the Church has had a history of robbing some of us of our souls and sanity when we trust the institution with our heart. It’s not a kind comment, but it is fair.

  2. It makes me think two things; one, that I may not appreciate the loving things my husband does sufficiently, but also, secondly, and more urgently, that the church, in many parts of the world, is giving its blood and heart in return, as we speak. St. Valentine stands as an example, but some are commemorating today the slaughter Egyptian Christians, in Lybia, by ISIS, one year ago.

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