Happy International Women’s Day 2016

"International Women's Day 2016" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“International Women’s Day 2016” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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Dear women: I hope you have a great day today, and every day!

And… women… Are your beliefs changing? Are you losing your faith as you know it? Do you struggle with the church? Come join many other women experiencing the same thing! You will make friends and find support at The Lasting Supper.


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  1. Happy international women’s day everyone :-).

    Ok so come the revolution and there are an equal number of women in the boardroom as men, do we dispense with international women’s day along with patriachalism?

  2. eek! men didn’t “give” women IWD!
    how bout celebrate with some great cartoon of women being great rather than a cartoon of men and bigupping your own blog! hope u can be humble and admit a mistake m8!

  3. What is worst, is when you see pictures of cultures where the women do all the work–house, field, animals, childcare–and the men just sit around, smoking, drinking, sitting in the cafe, playing cards, mahjong, even playing guitars, or maybe even meditating (like Buddha who left his wife), being prophets, being anything except useful. This is not to even mention what we have in our culture, with the men sitting around playing video games rather than even getting some yard work done. They lack faithfulness, industry, and responsibility, sending women to the abortuary with their offspring. If you want to have a woman’s day, you have to talk about what men do together with women.

    Last night I watched the Netflix show on Amy Winehouse. Her Dad left the family behind and thought Amy had got over it “quickly”. When she needed rehab, he said, it’s ok, “she is strong”, sabotaging the effort. When she needed a break, he pushed her further bringing camera crews to her vacation where she was recovering, while making a movie about his own life. Anyways, there are lots of other things to be pulled out of that. But that’s what jumps out of me the most. If any man wants to help a woman, first of all, be a good husband and father and boyfriend. Amy had everything including one of the most wonderful voices and money and fame. But listen to her songs.

  4. You play a dangerous game my friend. If we give them a taste of freedom they’ll be expecting it all the time. Before you know it they’ll want to work outside the home and sooner or later they’ll be clamoring for the right to vote. God help us if that happens as we’ll NEVER get them back under control then.


  5. Amber: Is the error that I depicted men giving women IWD? Because I have no idea who did. But the point of my cartoon is to challenge an existing attitude in a fictional picture. I lean towards the satirical rather than the delightfully comical. I get your point though.

  6. One of Amy Winehouse’s songs “You should be stronger than me”. About a man living up to his role and not putting her in control.

    Yup her didn’t help much with her issues. But then neither did smoking weed all day, drinking, taking heroine and her choice of boyfriend. Incredible talent tho.

  7. She, Amy, got free sometimes and always came back to it. Touring did her no good. I wonder, too, what it is like to be an artist and sing those kinds of songs over and over again. I find that I have to be careful about what I put into my head. Sometimes I like a raunchy singer and I listen a few times, and then it somehow catches me, and I feel that I have to put it away. As a woman, too, I have tendency to worry and turning anger inward instead of outward, and some stereotypical things like that, that people may agree with or not… If I started singing blues, and I love to sing, and sing a lot, and fairly well, people tell me, I think I could drive myself crazy. I think I can empathize with her.

    Came across this tonight on Facebook. Pretty good.


  8. Yes – she did get free sometimes and she looked so much more healthy and happy. It was the self harming too and in the documentary I saw, the tattoos being presented as a from of self harming. It seems the trigger to a lot of her problems was her dad leaving the family and her world collapsing as she knew it and, as an artist taking that pain or other pain/frustration and channeling it into her music in a real and no BS kind of way.

    She made herself vulnerable, real and powerful in the way she applied her talent but she was also damaged by others, circumstances and her own choices. So you are probably right with her singing driving her crazy through the choices she made about how she went in singing.

    Of course we know that music as well as other art forms can equally be cathartic – alchemising pain into beauty. For example in the comedy I do as a hobby I talk about my father’s death. I first started using that for material a year after he had died. Although it got laughs and I was encouraged to talk more about my dad, for me it was still too soon, too raw. A few years later, I can do the same thing and be at peace after sharing. Amy had what a doctor had called a dysfunctional personality or some other medical term in that she was addicted to sharing, to the limelight. In the song “Rehab” yes her father said she was OK and didn’t need to go and she also said no no no. She was an adult and made that decision about her health.

    Do you think being the stereotypical woman in reality inclines yourself more to worry and turning anger to self – loathing more than it would be for a man?

    I felt for her when watching the documentary, she clearly had problems. It became fashionable to mock her for her problems and not have compassion for her. It’s very difficult to be around someone who is so intent on hitting the self destruct button. All her friends could do eventually was leave her to it and distance themselves, not get dragged down into a similar lifestyle for the sake of their own health.

    Such a sad waste of life and incredible talent. Didn’t have to be that way. Sometimes the enemy does succeed in stealing killing and destroying but we know there is a greater power and love to call on that wants you to have life in its fullest and can enable you to conquer struggles and thrive.

  9. Brigitte mentioned stereotypical things, I mentioned “stereotypical woman” in reference to that.

    I agree with you David, I think such is a caricature. I think men can just as easily turn anger inward, worry and be self loathing. I don’t think such is an issue of gender but how one can be inclined towards as a result of certain influences, life experiences and choices.

    On the other hand, one can in principle learn and/or practice healthy, healing and life enhancing engagement with challenges and difficulties that arise, I think.

    Such as gaining spiritual independence in order to then come together with others in healthy interdependence instead of codependence?

  10. Hey David, yes the error in my opinion is that your beautiful cartoon suggests ANYONE “gave” women International Women’s Day. And also, missing the point in depicting men rather than powerful women on such a day. International Women’s Day was started by women textile workers in 1857/1907 in New York, depending how you view the start, who were protesting wages and suffrage issues.

    Glad you got the point I was making! I got your cartoon too – but part of changing attitudes is also in who is depicted and how, even in the context of satire. I wish you many cartoons depicting females as protagonists in the stories of the world/your faith world, as representation and presence matter 365 days of the year. Thanks for replying David!

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