4 Replies to “Jesus descended into hell and what it means”

  1. As someone who is crazy enough to join church committees, I really laughed because this so true. But even though they can sometimes be awful, they’re necessary. It’s a lot better than having a pastor who makes all the decisions and expects everyone to rubber stamp whatever he says. So I deal with the sometimes boring and sometimes tense meetings. It makes for a much healthier church.

  2. Oh hahaha, pastor as rabbi as officiator as well sometimes…. Good one David! I did committee meetings for a 12 step fellowship for years and years. Until I healed from masochism. Committees and business meetings for little groups, conventions, retreats, fundraisers, on and on. The most evil (haha) was when an upstanding member was adamant that we should amend the policies and procedures *****groan****Many of us would start slouching down in our seats at halfway point when the resident know-it-all would have to pipe in after every bit of business was brought to the table. And then the dinosaur of the committee world was compelled to tell us what they did in 1965 for ideas. And then the newest members would ask questions and need descriptions and explanations for everything. Gulp, HELP!!!! Get me the heck out of here! yes u can be funny haha

  3. Thank you for all your time work patience and commitment to all those tedious meetings. Believe you me, your contribution improved your church community, that is a fact

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