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18 Responses

  1. Sabio Lantz says:

    Funny, those are exactly my clearest thoughts about fairies.
    It seems we share many non-thoughts.

  2. Caryn LeMur says:

    Sabio: you made me smile this morning! Thank you! lol….

  3. Brigitte says:

    What about Easter. What is the “truth of Easter”?

  4. terri jo says:

    The Truth is everything is a cycle, just as Easter demonstrates. There is death and there is Life. Let’s try and honor Easter and Christ by playing nice. Because if I play like an animal, I will die as one too.

  5. Sabio Lantz says:

    “the truth of Easter”:
    a manipulatively confiscated spring holiday originally meant to celebrate warm weather returning.
    fortunately that is just how it is still celebrated
    while the religious freaks spass out in disgust

  6. terri jo says:

    Live as an animal, and so on and so on. Bye bye

  7. sabio lantz says:

    we ARE animals
    all praise to animal-hood

  8. Tom says:

    My clearest thought about Source is that he/she/it likes, loves, accepts and considers me and you perfect as we are! Beyond that I’m certain of nothing!

  9. Brigitte says:

    Can Source come and be a man, die and rise again to show you how much Source cares about you? Or is that option out.

  10. terri jo says:

    The only animal with a higher consciousness, the ability to reason, but many prefer to live in their lower nature. Nip nip bite bite tear tear, yummy shreds of flesh

  11. Sabio Lantz says:

    @ Terri:

    Animals reason and have higher consciousness. There is something unique about humans, thought. Only humans struggle to think themselves unique, their tribe unique, their imagined stories unique and their gods unique. Only humans are pathetically hilarious.
    Oh, btw, I thought you shook the dust of your sandals to leave us unholy pigs alone — those who can’t hear your holy words. Like I said, only humans are pathetically hilarious.

    @ Others:
    As for “the source” — I prefer the multitude, rather than a strained notion of some one ideal ONE.

  12. terri jo says:

    Who said I was holy? Wholly Holey Holy. I get it….. You are very bright and articulate and much more spiritually giantific and spectacular thaan the average sheep. You are my God sabio

  13. terri jo says:

    Oh good, me thinks I rubbed a nerve, there’s gabapentin for that Smarty pants

  14. Tom says:

    I believe Source has revealed itself in many ways to different peoples and cultures at different times and places. Including as the Son in the person of Yeshua Bar Yoseph. Whose death as I understand it was not to save us, but on the contrary to show us that Source has no need or desire for retribution even when rejected and murdered. That no matter our response to Source we are perfectly loved, completely accepted, and considered perfect as we are.

  15. Sabio Lantz says:

    I find it bizarre to even begin to believe that a “Source” or a “God” or a “Spook” or whatever you want to call it, “chooses to reveal itself”. Can’t anyone else see how bizarre that is? He/she/it stays hidden usually but eventually says, “OK, I will show Joseph Smith, Moses, Arjuna ….. that I really exist, but for the rest of those morons, I stay hidden. I will let those people tell the other silly humans that I am great.” Seriously?

  16. Chris Booth says:

    If you’re in control, are you making me think this?

  17. Caryn LeMur says:

    I like what Sabio is saying here. It is bizarre to believe that God reveals himself in spurts, with capriciousness.

    I tend the other way – that God exists, and is seeking those that wish to know him in truth.

    However, once I say that statement… I must confess that means that I think of God as beyond the revelation of the Bible. That is, the He is seeking, and people want Him and are therefore guaranteed to find Him.

    They call out for mercy – and He gives it. That simple. Or, they simply believe Him, and ‘God imputes righteousness’. Again, that simple.

    Then, I am able to look at the issue of worship and/or relationship with Him. I can study how the human powers, at times, limited Him to a ‘us vs. them’ type of world.

    It is not God that disturbs me – it is mankind.

    Religion became a killer and divider; rather than something that restored a simple walk in the Garden with the Maker.

    Religious leaders became the power that held the key(s) to knowing Him deeper; rather than simple men that were our equals and companions in our spiritual journeys.

    War was invoked as a righteous tool – whether jihad against the West, or the American jihad against gay marriage.

    Love was redefined until it allowed for war.

    Hopefully, God does not stay hidden from those that believe He exists and seek Him – otherwise, this is all a strange farce.

    But if we dare to say ‘we found Him’ – then, our ‘religion’ should be enriching all people, giving to all people, open to all people, speaking of eternal life, and not condemning any. [Which, by the way, is a paraphrase of John 3:16 and 17]