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11 Responses

  1. Caryn LeMur says:

    lol… too true!

    The church institutions that believe they control the door to god… well, they forgot to tell God to install the missing walls and roof.

    And, I am quite happy that some of the church institutions I encountered have closed the door on me and many others. They are inward-facing. They are happy. They have nothing I want.

    And in a generation, they shall fade away.

    And, it is all ok.

    In my mind, God chose the living body of Christ as his instrument… he never down-selected to only the church institutions.

  2. Adam Julians says:

    Is the story of the pharisee that fasted twice a week and the so called “sinner” coming to mind for anyone?

    Wouldn’t it be a perfect world if everyone was like “us” and not like one of “them”? 😉

  3. Kristin says:

    I agree whole-heartedly about the door David!

    I’m puzzled about the spoon reference. What am I missing? Do you mean a silver spoon?

  4. Adam Julians says:

    Brigitte – Wow that’s the first time I have seen that clip of Cameron. Nice to see a politician being positive about the good work and kindness shown by Christians and the church and the awareness he has of persecution in countries like Iraq.

    It could all be spin of course but it makes a refreshing change to see that instead of as headline about someone giving up his philanthropic due to hounding not because of him being an abuser, child molester, or embezzler but being an evangelical Christian.

    I went to a funeral recently – it was of my financial advisor. After the burial there was was a service of dedication in the evangelical church he attended. The place was so full there was not room for everyone in the main room. It was touching to hear the testimonies of family those whose lives he had made a difference to.

    The cartoon portrays the character on the left as being in the dark with a defensive posture and the character on the right in the light with an open posture. We know we all have unconscious bias which negatively predisposes us to some folks and positively to others.

    Whether it is someone wearing a rainbow jumper or someone in a church, we would all be in a better place if we are able see past prejudices and stereotyping and realise there is a person there.

  5. Kristin says:

    Brigitte and Adam: re Cameron all I can say is what a hypocrite he is! Have you not seen any of the news about how appallingly his govt has treated so many poor people? For example people hounded off disability benefits and then committing suicide – in their hundreds! The number of children living in poverty in the UK has sky-rocketed under the Tories, etc. I suggest you sample some (more?) of the UK news. He’s about as Christ-like as Trump, he just puts a better face on it. This looks like it is buttering up the church-going folk in the UK, and also a bit of pre-bombing justification spin regarding Syria.

    So someone give me a bucket please (so I can puke). This guy is about about as genuine as former Australian PM Tony Abbott was (who, amongst many abuses of human rights and individuals, gave a character reference for a paedophile priest describing him as an “upright and virtuous man”).

  6. “There is no spoon” is a reference from The Matrix movie.

  7. Adam Julians says:

    Yes Kristin,

    One of the reasons why churches have set up food banks has been in response to the need generated by government policies including the hounding off disability benefits. It is terrible sometimes how the poor and vulnerable are treated by the system. Cameron has responsibility for how he runs things. As mentioned, the video could all be spin – churches and charities taking up the slack for government neglecting to provide the kind of service they are there for and instead benefiting the more privileged. You will be aware I trust of the massive political shift in Scotland with the number of SNP members elected to the UK parliament and Labour and Conservative presence in the Scottish parliament almost non-existent due to the backlash against power in the south east.

    Please don’t read my comment as a support for Cameron. Rather in a climate that is increasingly secular, even to the point of being hostile to the church and religion, the prime minister having come out with that statement can’t now say something different without losing credibility. This can only be good news for those who do actually give of their time and resources in ways mentioned and help readdress the reputation of the church and Christians where such has been damaged unjustly by principalities and powers.

    When a greedy politician isn’t kissing a baby’s head they are stealing their dinner. Tell me a time when it has been any different.

    We work with the tools we have, not with an ideal world.

  8. Brigitte says:

    It’s surprising how there is any “church-going” folk left, to pander to, seeing how the church is fading away.

    Trump and such are phenomenon of the populace as a whole, deeply disturbed by what has been going on, and the political correctness that does not allow some people to speak their minds. The soft-peddling on Islamic theology and the suppression of criticism of the persecution of Christians, has not helped the matter. The truth always presses to ooze out somewhere. There is a sense of Orwellian oppression by the left. And Americans seem to take nothing lying down. Trump simply says “Islam hates us”. And the establishment says: what an idiot, he does not know what he is saying. But the man on the street who is worried, knows what he means. He means simply what the Koran teaches: “Do not befriend Christians or Jews. Be their enemy”. There, it’s not that hard to understand. If there are Muslims who want to live in free societies, and be friendly with Christians and Jews and others, they are welcome, we understand that. But what to do with the Koran quotes?

    I am afraid Trump is going to win, even with, or perhaps because of, all the hysteria, the making him out to be Hitler and so on. According to the think-tank at our church coffee hour, farmers and ranchers be they all, the Americans they know or hear about are going to vote for Trump. They are certain of it.

    A right shift need not be harmful for the poor. There should be a meeting in the middle on social welfare and such matters. The less we talk non-sense, the more we can work together to get something done. I think the German system that aims to be highly collaborative, has shown itself to be quite successful.