Don’t Be Captivated by Captives

"Captivating Captive" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“Captivating Captive” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

I very clearly remember as a young person listening to a preacher and the truth dawned on me, “Just because they have authority and say they’re right, doesn’t necessarily mean they are!”

Don’t be lured into anyone’s cage.

Be free! Stay free! Live free!

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7 Responses

  1. Jonn McDaniel says:

    Love this! It resonates with my experience. I have felt, even as a kid, that I wasn’t sure I wanted what they were selling. I would find myself thinking exactly what this person said. It wasn’t until much later, as an adult, that I finally realized that I, in fact, didn’t want what they were selling and that I could choose a different, healthy path to journey on. That was the truth that set me free (if I may borrow their own phrasing.)

  2. Yes! Truth should be liberating. Not the opposite.

  3. Caryn LeMur says:

    Years ago, I was discussing ‘sins’ with a pastor. Not an in-depth discussion, just a simple one.

    Since I was part of the very large ‘transgender spectrum’, during that discussion I mentioned that a transgender male may cross-dress just in order to ‘sense an escape’ from the pressures of his self-defined male role.

    [In short, I was moving the discussion towards a more gray view.]

    The pastor paused. And replied, “There are some activities which, if I were to ever do them, would result in me being removed from being a pastor.”

    At that moment, I felt very sorry for him.

    I began to realize the ‘cage’ that was placed around him included being ‘forever silent’ on a number of activities.

    He was ‘owned’ by his secrets.

    He was horribly alone.

  4. I think many pastors are just that… horribly alone. Thanks Caryn.

  5. purvez says:

    As a more ‘generalised’ observation I would say that most people in authority are ‘LONELY’. Sure they have tons of ‘YES’ people around them but they recognise that they have nothing in common at an intellectual level.

    I’m thinking particularly of self made successful business people although it applies in other sectors as well.

  6. terri jo says:

    I spoke with a pastor about triggered trauma from early childhood crap. I struggled with (screwed) feelings of guilt for not visiting my father as he occasionally would make creepy comments about my weight or the appearance of my backside. He reminded me that “He is your only father and forgiveness will light the way”. I have also been told to “honor your parents”. The bible and other holy books can not be taken literally. I will honor my father if he is honorable. On the other hand, I also see how taxing it would be for a single person in the church to help member after member with all their pain, guilt, trauma, grief, loss, etc. Perhaps trite sayings like ‘Honor your father” would circumvent deeper talks and support to an overburdened church leader. I am a nurse and the burden of patients’ pain and illness lands on me and coworkers also. It is and can be exhausting. Once again, I recognize 2 sides to the story.

  7. True Purvez. However, sometimes i feel the ministry is especially lonely because of all the moralistic stuff surrounding it.

    Terri Jo: Thanks for sharing. Hard journey.