this bumper sticker might get more honks

"Honk if you Loved Jesus" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Honk if you Loved Jesus” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

My beliefs have changed. In fact, I find it difficult and often unhelpful to use the word “belief” because of all the baggage that comes with it.

I compare the deconstruction of our beliefs and faith to a roller coaster ride. For me, the beginning is the most terrifying and I want to get off. By the end of it I’m thinking I want to get back in line and ride it again.

This was my experience with deconstruction. When it truly began in earnest, it was absolutely terrifying. However, I not only got used to what was happening, but began to appreciate it and even enjoy it.

Why? Because I could see I was coming to a place of joy and peace of mind. Finally! True story!

So, yes, my thoughts about Jesus have changed. Radically. I’m healthier for it.

No, I can’t get into it now.

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  1. I think that relationships change during a marriage.

    Our spouse changes; we change; the children grow and leave home; we move to different countries.

    Think of two pegs on a peg board with a rubber band between them… each time the peg moves, the relationship must change by stretching, or break. Each time the environment changes, then the peg board itself bends or warps… and our relationship can be impacted (think kids; think new countries).

    And so, we learn (often with surprise in the first years) that a marriage relationship is always changing. It should change. It will change.

    In my mind, the same happens with our relationship with God (or Jesus, if you will).

    God, imo, does not change. However, our perception of him radically can change: rule maker, Lord, caller into ministry, forgiver, reminder, consuming fire, or a friend that walks in the evening with us.

    And we change roles – evangelist, teacher in bible schools, rejectionist, husband/father, worker of multi-jobs, scientist.

    And our insights into church politics changes us.

    And so, our relationship with Jesus changes or snaps…. and sometimes, reappears stronger than before.

    The only people that concern me are the ones that say ‘My personal relationship with God has never changed’… because what worked for them in 5th grade still works as a senior citizen?

    I think a good bumper sticker would be “Honk If your Relationship with Jesus Changed (and it should)”.

  2. There are good points, there, Caryn. Jesus also did not reveal himself in one bit and not to all: infant, tempted by the devil, preacher, expositor of scripture, reformer, up-lifter of downtrodden, prophet, king, messiah, word, truth, God in the flesh, redeemer, cornerstone, sender of messengers and pro-claimers. He has something for the simple and something for the deep and complex.

    And still, how we learned about him as children still resonates because our mothers and fathers sang it over us and we can never forget it, even if we try. Child or senior citizen, mentally challenged or professor, bricklayer or pastor, enthusiastic or distressed, I am his little lamb. Contrary to Christopher Hichens’ rant against being in a “flock”, a flock is good. We can all be his little lamb, the one he searched high and low for and found.

    There is a lady I visit in Alzheimer’s care. She was very upset and wanted me to let her out. Anxiety is a constant companion. I tried to tell her that the nurses were looking out for her, that her children were looking out for her and God was looking out for her. She just told me it was “a bunch of crock”. That was kind of sad. How can you calm her? Usually, I sing to her and play ukulele or guitar. (Ukulele fits into a smaller bag.) There is a Catholic lady on the same unit, she goes around singing. She sings “Good bye Piccadilly…” and “Amazing Grace”. Her husband is often there and she keeps on saying that he is “the love of her life.” I wonder what would come out of my mouth when I might end up in dementia care. Nevertheless, I hope that I would still receive some comfort from a life-long habit of trusting Jesus.

  3. Brigitte: what an interesting past you have had! You learned Christian songs as a child? I can scarcely conceive of that concept….

    I was raised in a military family, and joined the military myself. I will probably be singing military songs in my dementia…. lol. “For the rifle, for the rifle, in my hands will prove no trifle…” – I think that song was taught to me in school, as I recall it was in 5th grade or so.

    Nonetheless, thank you for attempting to give the Catholic person comfort. Hopefully, you can find the ‘oil and wine’ that makes sense to her.

    My friend born in the US visits her mother, who has forgotten her English now. They speak in French.

  4. In High School, I put a “Honk if you love Jesus” on my Mom’s car. Oh how embarrassing.
    In College, my first year, I put a big “One Way, Jesus” poster on my dorm window, my roommate hated it.
    Oh how embarrassing.

    Other ideas:
    “Honk if you used to Multi-level Marketer”
    “Honk if you used to be a Marxist”
    “Honk if you used to be a Theist”

    David, on a side note, I have often see you say, “Because I could see I was coming to a place of joy and peace of mind.” Which is also you hear religious people say all the time about beliefs. Maybe joy and peace of mind are not the best measure at all times, eh?

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