Do we live in a divided, cubicle world?

"Cubicle World" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“Cubicle World” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

I have this sense that at a deep and fundamental level we are all connected and even united.

We are one.

Our thoughts only seem to separate and divide.

Walls are only the manifestation of the division that already exists in our minds.

Each group has the right to possess their own distinctives. I think this is important because they shed their own particular light on the universal synthesis of what is true.

This is why I believe true unity is best reflected in diversity, not homogeneity, like in my online community.

I know this is true because I see it in operation every day!


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1 Response

  1. Jordan says:

    What’s hilarious is that for so many people who think that the world can be compartmentalized, even within particular sects there can be broad ranges of thinking.

    I’m a nontheist (borderline atheist) who is embracing Reform Judaism theologically and Conservative Judaism on a ritual level. I have come up against resistance from theists who think that such a combination is impossible, which displays an unfortunate ignorance of how nontheistic thinking has developed over the years. What’s to be argued here, as you say, is to realize that even within the diverse realms of thought and practice there are diverse microcosms that can be touched upon if we, just for a moment, stop focusing on how others are different and need labeling.

    Maybe we should focus, instead, on how the world is diverse and how we are complicated beings.