6 Replies to “Maybe After the Election”

  1. LOL! Too true!

    I’ve been accused of ‘Trump Bashing’ when I discussed his ability to handle stress and pressure during the campaign.

    I’ve also been sent a few selected scriptures on how God is involved in the pregnancy process – which I enjoyed. I happen to enjoy a good bit of the Bible.

    And then, I asked a question about (1) where do aborted “unborn babies” go?-to heaven or to hell? And then, (2) where do unbelieving soldiers and civilians go, when killed in war?- to heaven or to hell?

    Therefore, in light of eternity, then which is more important: a President/Commander-in-Chief that may have opportunity to appoint Justices that are pro-life and then get X number of states to prohibit abortion (and other states will keep abortion legal); or, a President/Commander-in-Chief that is stable and understands how to lower international tensions without war.

    Not a single answer. Not a single discussion.

    We may ultimately disagree… but the divorce of heart and reason is sad to see.

  2. Hi, Purvez. I believe harmony between heart and reason are the highest priority.

    If you draw two circles that overlap (like a Venn Diagram), I try to live in the overlap.

    If the heart and the reason cannot overlap, I tend to table the decision for as long as possible; or, find a third way to delay the decision by taking the least costly route.

    Hope this helps.

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