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2 Responses

  1. Caryn LeMur says:

    It is a deeply sad day for us.

    I still recall being notified by the State of Virginia that they would not honor our (then) 30 plus year marriage, by denying all social security survivor benefits to my wife, should I die before her.

    Given that I earn 90% of our income, this was a clear case of State-sponsored persecution designed to drive us to divorce.

    ‘Yes, you are a legal man and she is a legal woman… however, in Virginia, your marriage has the appearance of a same-sex marriage. Therefore, your ‘wife’ will be denied any social security survivor benefits.’

    We moved to Maryland which did not persecute nor prosecute apparent-same-sex marriages.

    We celebrated 41 years of marriage last summer.

    This election just brings up that same shadow of persecution once again.

    It is a sad day.