8 Replies to “The Church and the Anointing of Power”

  1. I find great assurance that our country, the USA, was split in its vote. And, if I understand the numbers correctly, that Secretary Clinton won the popular vote.

    In my opinion, President-elect Trump appealed to the white Republican…. and to the non-college man unemployed for years… to those that fear foreigners, LGBT, and global involvement…. to those that wished to throw a grenade into the current political machinery….and to those that believe God wants them to vote for the state-ownership of abortion (each state will decide, and not the Supreme Court).

    Trump gave them hope. Therefore, they overlooked Trump’s considerable anti-Christ character flaws.

    By the way, I had a friend that was skilled in guitar – very skilled. The church we attended dangled ‘you might be allowed to lead worship one day’ – as if a carrot on a stick.

    Leading worship, for whatever reason, was one of his great hopes when he came to Christ in his 40’s… and it continued to be his great hope during his 50’s and young 60’s.

    Therefore, he endured exceptional abuse by the church hierarchy – late calls, last minute substituting, helping the poor when others did not show up as promised… he was their ‘go to’ man…..

    In early 2015, my friend suddenly understood the game being played… and spoke to me about the manipulation of the church.

    He died in that summer of 2015.

    He was never allowed to lead worship during his lifetime.

    That is the power of ‘hope’.

  2. Good to note that the majority of these groups to be mentioned that voted for Trump are white –

    College graduates.

    We need to seriously own this.

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