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5 Responses

  1. Jordan says:

    Jesus: “That’s the last time I end a pub crawl at a Denny’s.”

  2. Denise says:

    Some Jesus trash:

    • If you do something wrong with your eye or hand, cut/pluck it off (Matthew 5:29-30).

    · Marrying a divorced woman is adultery. (Matthew 5:32)

    · Don’t plan for the future. (Matthew 6:34)

    · Don’t save money. (Matthew 6:19-20)

    · Don’t become wealthy. (Mark 10:21-25)

    · Sell everything and give it to the poor. (Luke 12:33)

    · Don’t work to obtain food. (John 6:27)

    · Don’t have sexual urges. (Matthew 5:28)

    · Make people want to persecute you. (Matthew 5:11)

    · If someone steals from you, don’t try to get it back. (Luke 6:30)

    · If someone hits you, invite them to do it again. (Matthew 5:39)

    · If you lose a lawsuit, give more than the judgment. (Matthew 5:40)

    · If someone forces you to walk a mile, walk two miles. (Matthew 5:41)

    · If anyone asks you for anything, give it to them without question. (Matthew 5:42)

    Very few Christians, even fundamentalists, follow even one of these precepts, and yet they will tell you that Jesus is their role model (What would Jesus do?). Most of what Jesus is saying here is not practical, and if someone today was saying these things on a street corner, what would listeners consider him to be?

  3. Brigitte says:

    I watched several ex-gay and ex-prostitute Christian testimonies again, last night. It seems to me that the sexual revolution has caused a lot of people to end up in the trash heap. It is right for the church to draw the line at harmful and sinful behaviours. They cannot be condoned even while you love and support the person.

    One of the women ended up in es slavery in Las Vegas before she got free. Her life was in danger many times.–it is not very far fetched. In the small town where we had a clinic, one of the assistants had a cousin who went to Las Vegas, and never returned. Every time, the assistant talked about it she cried.

    In Canada, we have a royal commission into the questions of the large number of murdered and missing aboriginal women. It is going to be the same sort of thing, I hazard a hypothesis.

  4. Jordan says:

    … what