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  1. Today I read a very good article in “Foreign Affairs” by a Muslim father to his son suggesting ways to make an Islam he can be proud of. “Advice for Young Muslims” Nov 29,2016 — (sorry, just checked, it is behind a paywall, unless you subscribe to “The Browser” or go to your library). Anyway, that father is the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Russia and one of his points of advice is: [we need to] “educate ourselves and work hard and engage with life’s difficult questions rather than retreat into religious obscurantism.”

    But in the Middle East, leaving Islam is felt to be an offense deserving death to the vast majority of believers. How can one truly question without “leaving” as an option. So, the safest way is to create a new Islam, just like liberal Christians have to make a new Christianity so they can keep calling themselves Muslims and Christians so they can be accepted in some ways. Christians can question and leave the lies of their childhood, without being killed. They are fortunate. But it was not always so.

    It is a great article and I only wish such a radical, liberal Islam could be created. But he is obviously a Sufi sympathist and we know how Sufi’s are treated around the Muslim world.

  2. Here is a recent research article on the attitudes of Muslims in the UK.
    It shows the complexity of the situation.
    Huge percent of Muslims want Sharia law (even if not the majority)
    Only 4% believe Al Qaeda was responsible for 9/11
    Here is a Guardian article stating that 1/2 of all Muslims feel homosexuality should be ILLEGAL (not just wrong, but punishable by force).

    Even moderate Muslims have a long, long way to go. Christianity brings many problems to society too, but Islam (in most of its forms) even more. Is reformation possible? Damn, I hope so.

  3. Sabio, your comment above about ‘Even moderate Muslims…..’ made me immediately want to check how old Christianity was compared to Islam. It would appear ‘from google’ that Christianity was is about 500 years older than Islam.

    My point is you are expecting the ‘LAST’ major acknowledged religion in the world to be just as ‘like minded’ today as Christianity.

    My personal view is that THAT is way too much to ask for.

    ….remember I’m neither muslim nor christrian.

  4. The problem is, most obviously, that the right, reverend, the last and definitive revelator Mohammad has said to kill, persecute and subjugate the unbeliever and the lapsed, so the contradiction to reform is inherent. A reformed Islam goes back to this, as we have seen.

  5. @ purvez:

    A religion can start up tomorrow and not be violent. The assumption that we need to give a religion about 1500 years to stop being murderously exclusivists is nonsense.

    BTW: Yahweh of Brigitte’s Bible was a horrific killer too.

  6. Yes, Sabio, he will kill again. And you will die. Your life is in his hands. But I, myself, have no command and no mandate, and no desire, to kill you. Neither do many Muslims gave desire to kill you, Sabio, but they have the command.

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